Wine Dharma

Discovering the great bubbles of Franciacorta and Veneto

A ten-day wine tour through art cities such as Verona, Vicenza, Padua and Venice. But also lakes, sailing, extreme golfing on the most exclusive and bizarre courses. We’ll get insight into the artisanal production of Lake Garda’s extra-virgin olive oil through visit to oil mills that would otherwise be inaccessible. Last, but most definitely not least, we’ll get close and personal with the Amarone, one of Italy’s strongholds, and the two kings of bubbles, Franciacorta and Prosecco.

The wine tour starts with a pilgrimage in one of Italy’s most charming areas, that of Lake Iseo and Franciacorta, with their amazing wineries. Ca’ del Bosco, modern and innovative, and Berlucchi, traditional and located in very ancient buildings. Franciacorta is renowned for the quality of its sparkling wines, which are worthy rivals of the products of Champagne. In addition to the lake and its natural beauty, this itinerary explores Brescia, a city full of charm and rich in history and art.

Our wine journey continues in Verona—the city, the food, the oil of Garda, the sailing trips on the lake. We’ll let the Amarone seduce us with its voluptuousness. We’ll venture into the countryside of Vicenza to visit one of the villas that best represent the work of architect Andrea Palladio. It will be an excellent opportunity to taste some Garganega, paired with local specialties.

Immage of the hills around Valdobbiadene, the cradle of Prosecco. Vineyards of Glera, the grapes from which comes the Prosecco, around Valdobbiadene, Treviso We will then discover the vitality of Padua and its cuisine, rich in first-choice ingredients such as asparagus, radicchio, fish, as well as polenta—food that is easily married to the area’s aromatic wines. We’ll sample the Cabernet Sauvignon, which the local winemakers initially took on as a challenge. This wine has revealed itself a happy combination between experimentation and a land rich in minerals, favored by the steep range of temperature typical of these hills. We will still have time for relaxation between spas, equestrian contests, golfing, and a cooking class set in an old flour mill. Last, but not least, a visit to the hills of the Mark of Treviso, to get acquainted with the mythical Prosecco, during a heavy bubbles trial.

Venice: canal with a beatiful mirror effect. Veneto wine tour A mirror in Venice Venice needs no introduction, and a whole lifetime might not be enough to explore it all—but we’ll do our best, accompanied by Prosecco and cicchetti, bite-sized portions that highlight the creativity of this pairing. We will try to discover the city that lives on the sides of the most trodden tourist itineraries. From Gothic to Renaissance art, to the natural beauties of the Venetian Lagoon. Golf lovers will make a stop at the Lido Golf Club, built around an eighteenth-century Austrian fortification on the side of a WWF oasis, an experience they will find hard to forget.

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