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DharMag September 2016 Paradise drink recipe: how to make one of the easiest gin cocktail

Paradise drink recipe, the perfect cocktail with gin, orange juice apricot brand The Paradise is an elementary drink that is often taken as an example to explain the concept of balance in cocktails. The Paradise recipe is simple, straightforward, a spartan beauty: gin, apricot brandy and fresh orange juice.

The aromatic flavor of gin is steeped in brandy’s sweetness, which in turn finds balance and freshness in the orange juice hug. A symphony of flavors that alternate themselves in a hot and cold plot, fresh and pungent, but always impeccable.

The Paradise is the perfect cocktail for every occasion, amazing as aperitif, compact and titillating as after dinner, ideal for those palates not accustomed to more challenging (and dry) cocktails: it hardly will not find admirers.

Maybe it’s not the most original cocktail, but especially for those who do not like the brutal impact of gin, is a pleasant and unpretentious drink, which goes down like a dream.

Paradise cocktail ingredients


Martini glass

  • 3.5 cl of gin
  • 2 cl apricot brandy
  • 1.5 cl of fresh orange juice

How to make the Paradise cocktail

As you can see from the ingredients, the Paradise drink has a perfect symmetry, half gin and half of liquor & juice.

Squeeze an orange and strain juice.

Chill a glass with 3 ice cubes.

In a shaker pour all ingredients with some ice cubes, close, shake cheerfully, throw the ice from the Martini glass and pour filtering.

Garnish with an orange peel.

If you want to add a lovely, herbaceous touch pour in 3 drops of angostura.

The Paradise is the classic party cocktail, mellow, velvety, with an incredible drinkability: great for brunches, finger food and to instill joy and entropy in those that are gonna be boring dinners. There is no better icebreaker than a nice carafe of Paradise in a table of strangers to put everyone at ease.

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Cocktail Paradise food pairings

Serve it with roast turkey, orange duck, glazed salmon, sea bass fillet with orange sauce and pepper.

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