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September 2016

DharMag September 2016 Food porn survival guide from the window of a camper: ready for some food pics?

Vineyards in Dozza, the hills of Dozza bucolic landscapes Italian beauties scene This September marks the start of a new adventure: a dive into photography. Food photography. Mmmh, food-wine and cocktail photography to be precise.

Capturing the elusive nuances of the nastiest food porn through the lens of a camera is difficult, but this adventure has begun many years ago when we started cooking, but we had never spoken about photography itself or how to take food pics or make a good Mojito shot.

So, what are we gonna do and where do we want to go?

Pastries, cannoli, Neapolitan baba, cakes pictures, food photography This month you’ll see the results of the our trip, because we’ll provide you photo guides, some ideas for making good pics and some shopping advises.

We will review and suggest photo gear, only what we have tested and purchased, so don’t worry, we care about you.

Cake, photography of food, cake photos, take pictures of food like a pro Photography by Anna Verdina, the Cake Queen At one time it was said that a good picture is worth a thousand words.

A cliché?

Maybe, but making the ultimate salt crusted prawns photo or the Mona Lisa of the bolognese lasagnas is tempting. Not to mention the Passion of the T-Bone steak…

So, what do you need to become a master level food photographer?

Modesty and hard work, a lot of shooting sessions, time, a pair of good comfortable walking shoes to run around restaurants, a camera and a tripod.

Cheese plate, best foodporn photo, Photo of Cheese, taking pictures of food Pic of Michael T. And so keep reading on, although holidays are over, the best time for those who love photography is coming.

Can you see that foliage at sunset with the sun that seems to spread flames over the trees?

Can you see the harvest?

Tiramisu recipe and photo, how to make Tiramisù and great food photo Can you see Sunday roasts and a pint of dark beer and a lake of Tiramisù?

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