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DharMag October 2016 Dry Martini cocktail recipe: how to make the perfect drink

Dry Martini cocktail recipe, cocktail Martini original recipe with ingredients The Martini cocktail, also known as Dry Martini, is the cocktail par excellence; the father of all the so-called Martinis, which have seen a proliferation of drinks like Vodkatini, Apple Martini, Sweet Martini, Espresso Martini, to name only the most prominent.

It says that the Dry Martini is the acid test of every barman because that’s where you see the skill, sensitivity and the touch of the artist, but it is also the testing ground of every cocktail lovers.

The cocktail itself is spartan, but despite having only two ingredients it’s like tasting a rainbow of flavors. The recipe is clear 3/4 of gin and 1/4 of dry vermouth. Some add just a sprinkle of vermouth (as in the case of Hemingway’s Martini), there those who want a sweeter drink or who put inside some olives or who hate them. It’s a mirror in which a bartender can see the soul of who is drinking.

Martini cocktail history

The spiritual father of the Dry Martini is the Martinez cocktail, a mythical elixir of the American gold rush days, (1850). One of the first drinks to mix vermouth and gin, though the recipe calls for sweet vermouth and a few drops of bitter.

Over the years, the Martinez morphed, erupting in a much drier, slender cocktail, with a modern flavor. For the rest there are only speculations and rumors about its birth: a legendary bartender named Martini, publicity reasons, but there is also those who argue, not without good reason, that it comes from Manhattan (whiskey and sweet vermouth), born in 1874.

Martini: a lifestyle choice

The Martini cocktail is an excellent aperitif with its dry, smooth flavor that leaves the palate always clean, but it’s not an easy drink, it demands a mouth accustomed to strong flavors. Let’s say you’ll get there sip by sip, but be careful about the high alcohol content.

Who orders the Martini cocktail drink not only a drink, but every time enjoys observing the ritual of preparation, anticipating the meeting with this delicious nectar. And so let’s see what to do or not to do for making the perfect Martini cocktail.

Martini cocktail ingredients

How to make the original Martini Cocktail

Dry Martini drink recipe, twisting lemon peel over Martini. Gin cocktails Put some ice in a Martini glass.

Fill a mixing glass with ice, pour vermouth and gin, then stir gently.

Throw the ice away from the glass and pour the cocktail, straining.

Take a lemon peel and squeeze it over the cocktail, so that the essential oils of lemon can perfume the cocktail.

If you want, serve pickled olives separately.

Tips: what to do or not to do

Never shake your Martinis, it would be a crime. The ice would dilute the drink, lowering the alcohol content and altering the subtle balance of flavors.

Never put olives in the glass. Serve separately, some want to dip a croissant into a Martini and it’s their right to do so, but the cocktail should be served pure. If you want to put some olives in, rinse them first, otherwise, it becomes a Dirty Martini.

Gin is fundamental and must be a top-notch quality spirit, but vermouth is even more important, so use an artisanal bottle and you’ll use less and less of it: “less is more.”

The Martini’s spectrum of flavors is infinite; start from the original recipe but play a bit with the ingredients to find the sweetness degree you like. There is no definitive recipes, only the one that pleases you.

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