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DharMag November 2016 Gourmet dessert recipes: how to make the Evergreen, a delicious basil, chocolate and Chartreuse semifreddo

Basil chocolate semifreddo, Thanksgiving dessert recipe, gourmet dessert recipes Thanksgiving could be the right time to go off the beaten track with a gourmet dessert.

So we asked Piergiorgio Parini, a great Italian chef, for help and he was so kind to give us a delicious, wild recipe full of green flavors: here is to make the “Sempreverde”, we could translate it in “Evergreen”.

It’s an incredible semifreddo made with basil, chocolate and Chartreuse, a dessert with which you will impress your family and guest, but we have to warn you: it’s not a simple recipe.

But don’t worry, if you follow literally the recipe, you may prepare the ultime Thanksgiving dessert.

Enough talking: we have a lot of work to do!

Ingredients for making the Evergreen Dessert, basil and Chartreuse semifreddo

4-8 servings

  • 30 grams of egg white
  • 25 grams of sugar
  • 100 grams of melted white chocolate
  • 165 grams of whipped Cream
  • 3 grams of gelatin and 30 g. Chartreuse (dissolve them together)
  • 30 basil leaves, blanched and finely chopped

How to make the Evergreen Dessert, basil and Chartreuse semifreddo

Pour Chartreuse in a pan, cook for few seconds, wait 1 minute, then put in the gelatin and let it dissolve.
Whip the cream.

Now whip white eggs with sugar at 60 °, then let them cool.

Melt white chocolate and the stir 1/3 of whipped cream, then the gelatin and warm Chartreuse and stir.

Combine this mixture with the meringue, add the remaining whipped cream and finally chopped basil leaves.

Pour into a rectangular mold and keep it in the freezer for 4-5 hours.

For lovage powder

  • 3 stalks of lovage


Freeze the whole stalks, once they get “hard” finely grate them and put the powder thus obtained in the freezer again.

For making the tarragon sorbet

  • 300 grams of water
  • a little bit of locust bean gum
  • 50 grams of sugar
  • 5 grams of glucose
  • 30 grams of tarragon

Pour all the ingredients except tarragon in a saucepan, make a syrup, cooking it on low heat, allow to cool, then add tarragon and freeze immediately.

To decorate the final dessert

  • mint, lemon balm, fennel, basil, dill, chervil, eucalyptus, clover, marjoram, thyme, savory

Cut a rectangle of our Evergreen semifreddo, lay it down it on a plate, top with abundant lovage powder, plant all the herbs in order to fully cover the dessert and finally serve it with a tarragon sorbet quenelle.

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