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DharMag November 2016 Black Russian drink recipe: how to make a great cocktail with only two ingredients

Black Russian cocktail recipe, Black Russian drink, cocktail with vodka & coffee The Black Russian is another of those cocktails that leave you gasping for their simplicity: take a glass, fill it with ice and pour vodka and coffee liqueur.

That’s all, but the magic of the Black Russian is still alive and kicking even at the venerable age of 100 years. And the reason is very simple: once again vodka is the silent, but rocky, sidekick, in this case for an aromatic ingredient like coffee, which contains an endless array of scents.

You can drink Black Russian as an energizing after dinner, but also as an aperitif, but beware of its high alcohol content, so do not take it lightly.

Black Russian history

It dates back to 1949 and it’s a creation of the Belgian barman Gustave Topsè, who prepared it for the first time in honor of the then US ambassador, during a gala dinner.

The name does not need any explanations: black for the color of coffee and Russian because it uses the famous Russian-born spirit. But no more talk and let’s go to the original Black Russian recipe.

Black Russian cocktail ingredients

How to make the perfect Black Russian drink

Fill an old fashioned with ice, pour vodka, then coffee liqueur, stir gently and enjoy your drink.

If you want a more complex and sumptuous cocktail sprinkle some nutmeg over it and add a splash of sambuca or pastis.

Black Russian food pairings

The BR is a tough drink so dare and use it like a ram, drizzle it with creamy and sumptuous desserts like Tiramisù, blueberry cheesecake, ricotta pudding, bonet, chestnut flour crepes with ricotta and chocolate.

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