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November 2016

DharMag November 2016 Thanksgiving 2016 menu recipes and ideas

Pumpkin, large orange pumpkins. Seasonal vegetables, calendar of November. Pumpkin attack! Hello out there, dear food and wine lovers. Thanksgiving is almost upon us and I hope all is fine with your Thanksgiving dinner planning. But if you need a little bit of help with some out of the ordinary recipes, we are very welcome to share some ideas.

This month we decided to offer you the recipes of some of the most intriguing and skilled Italian chefs.

November, the month that anticipates the great winter sleep, coincides with the revival of the kitchen: the flavors come alive, they become richer and more consistent.

Our ovens warmly welcome back chickens, turkeys, strudel, baked pasta: with the cold weather we can indulge in more elaborate sauces and fatty dishes, with the excuse that we need more calories to defend ourselves against the cold weather: the winter is coming!

Pomegranate flowers. Thanksgiving recipes and ideas for dinner! The beautiful flowers of the pomegranate, a fruit of November And for once, with the 2016 vintage stored in barrels, we want to focus on the first fruits of our gardens. And to do that we asked for help to the best Italian chefs, with tips and recipes that explain how to transform these fruits into unforgettable dishes.

We will give you an insight into their kitchen, menus, recipes not to write down an aseptic restaurant review, but to offer you a trip inside the minds of these culinary visionaries. The great Italian cuisine told from the point of view of the kitchen. We will get to the bottom of each recipe with tips, interviews, cooking courses, all you need to know to became a real chef. From the basics to the finest dishes. Ok, do not exaggerate, let’s say we have a lot to learn from these guys!

Boletus mushroom in the woods. Tales from the kitchen and cooks. Recipes. In the woods So, to conclude, what’s in the pot? November is generous with those who know where to look: woods and gardens. Mushrooms like porcini, with their compelling earthy flavors, chanterelles and truffles, we have a lot of tasty stuff to add to our shopping list, but there is no need to splurge, since there are some delicious fruits and vegetables too. Let’s buy only seasonal food: apples, figs, cabbage, snow peas, purple cabbage, oranges, celery, beets, chicory (sprouts of Catalonia), black carrot, pomegranate, pumpkin, chestnuts, leeks, cabbage and broccoli.

Have fun with these recipes and happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

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