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DharMag May 2017 My Antonia beer tasting notes, review and food pairings

My Antonia beer Dogfish Head Craft Brewery review, tasting note, food pairings My Antonia is hands down the most original beer from Birra del Borgo brewery: an imperial pilsner of rare elegance, with mysterious scents and a sinuous body that hides a rocky soul.

It’s a refined, subtle but pyrotechnic beer with delicate, exotic notes and flower returns that seems to have been catapulted into a greenhouse, but above all, it has a unique character.

Of course, it’s more alcoholic than a normal pilsner, with “so much pulp” and sumptuous suggestions that may not please everyone, especially those who are looking for a simple and unpretentious beer for a sandwich. However, it would be a real crime to not drink it, even if you do not like low-grade beers. It aims high and keeps its promises!

First of all the foam: My Antonia wins the prize for the best foam ever, a prize that no one has ever heard of, and perhaps not worth much, but try to immerse yourself in this sea of ​​cream so thick, soft and fragrant and you will not want to leave!

My Antonia beer bouquet

My Antonia beer review, price features, imperial pilsner flavors, beer tasting A sharp and intriguing stream of petals, mangoes, lychee, bread crust due to the great work of the yeasts, honey, nuts, and sweet spices in the end. Everything is articulated with rhythm and great naturalness, though very intense.

What does My Antonia beer taste like

The mouth of thick, bitter, but tasteful, with the right balance. It slowly declines in a tropical fruit finish. Freshness is ok, just to give liveliness to the beer and the persistence is simply amazing.

Under the tongue, you can perceive layers and layers of minerality and flavors and appreciate a great beer, surely one of the most lysergic of the radiant Italian beer scenery.

My Antonia beer suggested food pairings

With these tropical tones it’s perfect for sauces and dishes with mango, fish carpaccio, tacos with beef and pico de gallo, lasagna bolognese with ragù and bèchamel, broccoli and ginger beef stir fry, Gnocchetti with salmon and ginger.

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