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DharMag May 2017 Black Hole Sun cocktail: in memory of Chris Cornell

Black Hole Sun cocktail, aperitif with tequila mint licorice honey ginger beer Have you ever had to improvise making cocktails with only what you have at your disposal?

Well, after many brilliant failures we managed to create something good: the cocktail Black Hole Sun, in honor of the legendary Soundgarden’s singer (and then Audioslave’s) Chris Cornell, who died yesterday, May 17, 2017.

It’s a lively, fresh and very fragrant long drink, with a very aromatic and pungent base, but a dark side that is waiting to be explored.

Black Hole Sun Cocktail with tequila licorice liqueur chili and ginger beer The alcoholic base is tequila and to enhance its extreme flavor we used mint, licorice liqueur and chili. Ginger beer, lime and honey are the gregarious ones who help to close the circle.

The Black Hole Sun cocktail, we don’t want to sugar coat it, is extreme, moody and its balance is to be sought with some alchemical tests to measure the ingredients.

Some will like a little bit more of licorice, others with more mint, but the basic affinity of the ingredients is credible and deserves to be explored.

So, let’s do it!

Black Hole Sun cocktail ingredients

  • 5 cl of tequila
  • 2 mint sprigs
  • 1 tablespoon of honey (chestnut honey would be great)
  • 2 cl of lime juice
  • 1 cl licorice liqueur
  • 6-8 cl of ginger beer
  • ice
  • a pinch of chili

How to make the Black Hole Sun cocktail

Put honey in a glass, season with chili, lime juice, half of the tequila and stir gently to dissolve the honey. If you do not like honey, use sugar.

Do not crush and mistreat mint, just stir with a delicate touch, be a gentleman.

When honey is dissolved add ice, the rest of the tequila and the ginger beer.

Pour over the licorice liquor and decorate with some mint.

Strong black cocktail with tequila licorice mint chili and ginger beer This is for you, Chris, your music was a beacon in the night, rest in peace bro.

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