Wine Dharma

May 2017

DharMag May 2017 Practical guide for the perfect picnic: recipes, the wines to uncork and the indispensable tools

Flowers, Spring recipes special on Wine Dharma, the best Italian recipes May, the month of spring, the month dedicated to Maia and the awakening of nature. A gorgeous time, where temperatures rise and you can start feeling the desire to stay out in nature and make some picnics.

And so one of the themes of the month will be the can’t live without picnic recipes and equipment: sandwiches, bags, combat-survival kits, vegan salads, cold pasta salads, meat salads, tofu salads and so on…

There will be wine & beer lists to quench your thirst, so do not worry about it.

Summer barbecue, the best bbq recipes of all time. Outdoor grilling, camping But May also spell the great return of our beloved barbecue.

There are many irons and delicious dishes in the fire, and since we’re talking about picnics, we’ve tried for you a couple of portable grills for those who want to grill even at high altitude or on a lakeshore, without igniting dangerous fires.

And here’s for you your monthly May fresh list to buy: peas, early cherries, apricots, asparagus, and green beans finally are coming.

The distillate we’re going to focus on is tequila, so keep salt and lemon at hand. But there won’t be only glittering (boooooring!) tequila tasting notes and cocktails: even for those who love cooking, there will be some special recipes.

New cocktail Pocholito with tequila tomato juice cucumber and Angostura And we end up with our special Cinco de Mayo cocktail: is called Pocholito and is made with tequila, tomato juice, cucumber and a bit of Angostura.

Send in the mariachi, vamos muchachos!

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