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DharMag May 2016 Mint Julep cocktail recipe: learn to make a classic whiskey drink like a pro bartender

Mint Julep cocktail recipe, cocktail with mint whiskey and sugar Darin Dines photo The Mint Julep drink is the traditional cocktail of the Southern United States of America, a refreshing drink, simple yet delicious.

You can prepare the original Mint Julep recipe very easily: you put a spoonful of sugar into a glass, add some mint leaves and a little bit of water and then pour your favorite liquor (brandy, rum or whisky) and finally the ice. That’s all, nothing special, but the formula is so successful that it has been prepared for centuries.

Mint Julep drink recipe, silver cup Mint Julep, best cocktail recipes The first information about the Mint Julep cocktail dates back to the end of 1700, in Louisiana where it appears as medicine. It was common practice to prescribe the Julep for stomach problems, indigestion, and nausea.

The first Julep was made with rum and was considered a recreational drink for the afternoon, a kind of iced tea for tough southern gentlemen, but they were often drunk as a tonic in the early morning.

Mint Julep with whiskey, how to make the real american Mint Julep cocktail With the passing of time becomes more and more American Julep and whiskey gradually replaces rum and brandy, although in the history of mixed drinks you can find endless versions of Juleps, with the addition of multiple ingredients, such as ginger, strawberries and other small fruits and spirits, including apricot brandy.

Mint Julep cocktail ingredients

  • 6 cl bourbon whisky or brandy or rum
  • 1 tablespoon of white sugar
  • 1 tablespoon of water
  • 4 mint sprouts

How to make the Mint Julep cocktail

In a tumbler put sugar, mint and just enough water to mix everything. Gently pound to extract the essential oils of mint, then add whiskey and fill with crumbled ice.

Decorate with a mint sprig and small fruits like strawberries, only if you have used brandy.

If the Julep is made with bourbon whiskey only decorate with mint.

Mint Julep’s food pairings

We are dealing with a full-bodied, strong cocktail so choose beefy dishes: it’s excellent with red meat, fish or Korean beef ribs. If there’s mint as an ingredient in the dish even better. Recommended dishes: pork ribs with barbecue sauce, brisket, pork loin with Cajun rub, grilled chicken, veal chop with pepper sauce.

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