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DharMag May 2016 Cooking school: the secrets of the best Italian chefs

Botticelli, The banquet in the forest, The Story of Nastagio degli Onesti III The Story of Nastagio degli Onesti III This month the topic is “how to be a good cook”, playing in the kitchen if you like. We’ll discover all the secrets of the best Italian chefs, their most spectacular recipes without ever losing sight of the basics of cooking.

Brick after brick we are going to build a virtual cooking school where you can enter, pick a recipe, or a technique you want to master, and start cooking without any worries.

We’ll learn how to make puff pastry, fresh pasta or the iconic sfoglia emiliana with your loyal rolling pin, how to make a cheese souffle, but also a simple sole meuniere.

What interests us is to find out not only the skill, the “how to”, but above all why chefs have been doing so for centuries.

Why steaming rather than boiling?

What are the real ingredients and doses for basil pesto pasta?

What cuts of meat are use for making broth?

Do you want to make spaghetti with clams like an Italian chef? Here’s the recipe.

Why the filling of Bologna’s tortellini is different from that of Modena.

What is Sbrisolona Cake?

How can I make the perfect passatelli?

Don’t worry, those are all legitimate questions that will be answered, keep reading!

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