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DharMag May 2015 How to make strawberry caipirinha: recipe, ingredients, doses of a delicious, super refreshing cocktail

Cocktail with strawberries, sugar, lime and Cachaça. Caipirinha recipe. Strawberries are a phenomenal ingredients when it comes down to making cocktails: they are sweet, fresh, easy to muddle and add a little bit of roundness also to the strongest cocktail, like caipirinha.

It takes very few ingredients: strawberries, lime, cachaça, sugar and here you have a fantastic cocktail: the strawberry caipirinha. A refreshing drink, with the right softness that caresses the palate, plenty of elegance and aromatic precision. We could say it is lovely, gentle cocktail despite the high alcohol content, but but you will struggle to stop drinking it, so pay attention and drink responsibly.

If the classic caipirinha is too strong, then the strawberry version is the cocktail for you. It’s a less demanding drink, more rounded, excellent as an aperitif, but also to match with grilled fish, spicy Indian and Mexican food or the classic grilled churrasco.

Ingredients for making the strawberry caipirinha

Limes. The best cocktail made with fresh lime. Making strawberry caipirinha

  • 5 cl of cachaça
  • 4 strawberries
  • 1/2 lime cut into wedges
  • 2 tablespoons white sugar
  • ice

How to prepare a perfect strawberry caipirinha

Ingredients for making a perfect strawberry caipirinha cocktail. Recipe. Wash the lime and strawberries and cut everything into pieces. Put the fruits in a glass, add sugar and muddle. Mash well to extract the juice and essential oils from the peel, please.

Procedure, photo and doses to make the original strawberry caipirinha recipe. Add the cachaça, fill with ice.

Strawberry caipirinha cocktail, the original recipe from Brazil. Cocktail recipe Decorate with a strawberry or a slice of lime.

Suggested food pairings

Grilled tuna salad and fresh citrus Wasabi.

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