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DharMag May 2015 How to make the Amalfito cocktail recipe: a delicious Limoncello Mojito

Mojito with Limoncello, white rum, mint and sugar, cocktail recipe. Amalfito. I have a confession to make: I can not stand Limoncello, I can not enjoy the classic Limoncello short after a meal or poured all over a creamy ice cream or under a parasol at the seaside.

Or at least that was what I was thinking until now. Despite the fact that Limoncello is an intriguing, velvety booze, with that wonderful balance between freshness and that particular lemony sweetness that envelop your tongue, well, after all, I don’t like it. Have I already said it?

But then, when I was preparing some Mojitos, an old, dusty bottle, buried in oblivion, caught my eyes and I added a drop of this yellow elixir (criminally snubbed for too many years) in the glass and that simple Mojito became a golden dream!

The best summer cocktail recipes. Julep with white rum, mint, sugar, Limoncello The result is an even more glacial and pungent Mojito with a stronger citrine flavor, less aromatic, but with amazing drinkability. The doses are very similar to the mojito’s ones, but I would remove a little bit of sugar to make it drier, even more refreshing. Adapt the sugar to you liking.

In honor of that little paradise that is the Amalfi coast, we will call this limoncello cocktail Amalfito: yeah, it’s very original!

Ingredients and doses for making the Amalfito cocktail (Mojito with limoncello)

  • 4 cl of white rum
  • 2 cl lime juice
  • 8 mint leaves
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 3 cl Limoncello
  • soda
  • ice
  • 2 drops of angostura

How to prepare the Amalfito cocktail (Mojito with limoncello)

Peppermint for making cocktail. Limoncello cocktail recipe with mint & white rum Place the mint in a highball with sugar and lime juice and gently pound with the pestle to extract the essential oils of the mint.

Amalfito cocktail. Limoncello Mojito recipe. Pouring rum in a highball with mint Add some white rum, Limoncello and stir gently, add two drops of angostura and ice.

Complete with soda to find the desired alcohol balance.

The best Italian cocktail recipes. Cocktail recipe with mint, sugar, Limoncello If prepared with more soda, even in a bowl, it becomes a perfect cocktail for the late afternoon, to quench your thirst in a sunny day.

Suggested food pairings
Let’s choose dishes with vegetables and fruit, grilled fish, seared tuna steaks with wasabi, fish tacos, pasta salad and but no red meat, please.

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