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DharMag May 2014 And the best summer wine is? Cristal 2004, Louis Roederer!

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Cristal 2004, Louis Roederer

The best summer wine! Cristal 2004, Louis Roederer tasting notes

Why should we talk about this Champagne, icon of unbridled and decadent luxury?

For what its label stand for: the myth. If you read Galloni’s review you will be stunned by pure rapture. 97 points, we are entering in the Shambhala of Champagne. Best between 2014 and 2034, great, our sons will walk on all these airy bubbles!

Wine Specator’s one instead goes no further than a consolatory 93 and it is cheerful like a necrology: citrus, floral and spiced aromas, a delicate Champagne, well balanced and with a long aftertaste of roasted nut and toast. Great and true for the 99% of quality Champagne…

But we know that in medio stat virtus and you can easily fall in love with this dainty Champagne.

It’s bouquet is a symphony of crispy fruits: peach and tangerine lost in a vaporous jelly. Its rocky soul—40% of Chardonnay—iodine, flint, anise, is remarkably equalized by the 60% of Pinot Noir, which corroborates and crowns with rose petals and ginger a step acidity based on lime cream.

The yeasts are vanilla-centric and smooth just enough to flaw away gently.

So is it good or not?

It’s awesome, but not monumental and for all this money we pretend a drop of grandiosity, not a bottle of faceless ornateness.

Admirable for oysters, sashimi of prawns, salmon, toro tuna and some sea eel sushi: enjoy the heaven.

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