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May 2014

DharMag May 2014 Summer Wine Guide

Summer wines guide, the flavors of summer: peaches, plums, cherries lemons Summer flavors are also the typical sparkling wine aromas Summer is almost here and drinking sparkling wine is a matter of survival, we will throw in the mix some top rated red wine review too, but don’t fool ourselves: this month the stage is for a refreshing sparkling wine trip.

Are you a Champagne guy? And Italian Spumante metodo classico lover? Both?

Ocean view, surfers in the ocean of Portugal. Sagre, Algarve of Portugal waves Expect a sea of saltiness! Doesn’t matter whom you prefer. Making a wise choice in this bubble storm will be hard, but you can do great deals without selling one of your kidneys to the black market or jumping into the sea of $0.99 bottles which are good only for a monster headache.

So now the question is: which bubbles? Champagne? Franciacorta? Or maybe a Cava of an obscure, but awesome, winegrower of Sant Sadurnì d’Anoia who makes only 500 bottles in a life to let them age under the Atlantic Ocean for ten years, for the modest price of $5000 each?

Let’s start the search for the ultimate sparkling wine with a couple of magnificent bottles for those who spare no expense and want strong emotions.

Champagne guide and review: Jacquesson grand cru Avize 2000 Liquid pleasure

The Dark Knight

Jacquesson Avize 2000. A great unconventional Champagne. If you want to taste something different, here you are! The perlage is golden silk, almost evanescent. The yeasts are mellow and give a zesty juiciness to the wine, which has very little of the joyful prettiness of the classic Champagne and more of a structured wine. For this is not an easy wine: there is an intriguing pitchy glare beyond the classic smoked and toasted shades. Notes of quince, damson, apricot and papaya, embrace pistachios, tea and yellow flowers, in a buttery weave refreshed by a zippy saltiness, with spectacular waves of chestnut honey splashing here and there. This is a shaped wine with neat balance between a massive body and deepness of flavors, whose recollections will be in your mouth still after many seconds. Pair this Champagne with Parmigiano Reggiano flan and porcini, Maine oyster chowder, pistachio crusted pork tenderloin and aged cheeses with a touch of dried fruit, like Cheddar and Gamonedo. Deserves and will give a lot of love.

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