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DharMag March 2017 Chocolate truffles: the perfect recipe and some variations you should try

Chocolate truffles original recipe, how to make delicious organic truffles Chocolate truffles are one of the temptations I can not resist to.

Maybe it’s their shape or maybe the charm of the name that recalls Langhe and Piedmont, I don’t know but I have not found a plausible explanation.

Yet they are nothing but chocolates, chocolate and fresh cream balls made with a ganache and the rolled in cocoa powder… so why all this this frenzy?

But apart from these Hamlet questions, today we will make super delicious chocolate truffles. And you know what is the secret to make the ultimate chocolate truffles?

A good glass of single malt. It has to be very good Scotch and if can find it, you should use a peaty whisky to add a lovely smoky touch to our precious balls.

Strange food, super deformed pistachio crusted truffle super deformed Sonic truffle Aside of a basic chocolate truffle recipe, we will provide you some variations on the theme.

For this recipe we used Ardbeg 10 years: its extremely smoky and maritime flavor has proved to be the most suitable and consistent to exalt these mini chocolate grenades.

Ingredients to make chocolate truffles

For 20 truffles

  • 350 grams of dark chocolate
  • 40 grams of butter
  • 45 ml of Ardbeg whiskey
  • 130 ml of fresh cream
  • 1 egg
  • cocoa powder to dust truffles

How to make the perfect chocolate truffles with whiskey

Extra dark chocolate, breaking chocolate with a hammer, truffles recipe Chop the chocolate with a knife or a hammer if you are in the mood for something nasty.

Melted chocolate to make whisky and chocolate truffles, easy dessert recipes Prepare a casserole to cook in a double boiler, then put in chocolate and melt gently. Stir carefully until it is not completely melted and smooth.

Chocolate ganache with butter and cream for making delicious chocolate truffles Add butter and stir.

Chocolate cream with butter and cream, ingredients for making truffles Pour the cream in, turn the heat off and stir.

Chocolate truffles, recipe, ingredients and preparation explained with photos Add 1 egg and keep stirring.

Pour in a couple of cl of Ardbeg whiskey.

Stir and pour into a bowl, then let the mixture cool.

Dark chocolate ganache, a basis for making chocolate truffles, recipe Cover with plastic wrap and let stand for 3 hours in the freezer.

Now take a baking sheet and cover with baking paper.

With two spoons or a corer and form 20 chocolate balls.

Pro tip: the trick to not stick to the chocolate to metal is very simple: immerse the instrument in cold water before making the balls. Easy.

Cocoa powder for chocolate truffles with cocoa and chocolate recipes Put the cocoa powder in a chinoise, then let it fall into a dish.

Take a truffle and roll on the cocoa, then shake it to remove the excess of cocoa and roll again.

That’s all: your delicious chocolate truffles are ready. You will make great chocolate delicacies in a hurry. And can keep them in the refrigerator for a week or even a month in the freezer.

Ok, now that you try the thrill of the classic truffles we think about some customization.

Pistachio crusted chocolate truffles

Pistachio crusted chocolate truffles with whisky sweet  & easy recipes Same recipe, different, but always happy, ending. Chop 60 grams of pistachios with the a knife, then roll the truffles over them.

Dark chocolate truffles with Barolo Chinato

Chocolate truffles with Barolo Chinato, Italian recipes with chocolate The complex flavor of chocolate meets the spices and Alpine herbs of Barolo Chinato. A splendid and lavish wedding, played on a mature complicity. Same doses but use Barolo instead of whisky.

Tangerine and Cointreau dark chocolate truffles

Tangerine and Cointreau dark chocolate truffles, the perfect recipe Want to add a sharp and titillating touch to your truffles? Just enhance the ganache cream with some tangerine juice, 1/4 is enough and 3 spoons of Cointreau.

What wine pair with chocolate truffles?

A full bodied Recioto or Sagrantino passito.

Glass of peaty whisky Ardbeg 10 to pair with chocolate truffles If you want to pair a whiskey, Ardbeg 10 years is perfect to exalt the complex flavor of these chocolate treats.

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