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DharMag March 2016 Tuxedo cocktail: the original recipe with ingredients of one of the most stylish cocktails of all time

Tuxedo cocktail recipe, cocktail with gin lemon peel maraschino cherry absinthe The Tuxedo cocktail is regrettably a pretty unknown drink, few still know it, even fewer drink it and that’s a shame because it is the ancestor of many modern cocktails.

The Tuxedo recipe requires many ingredients, but its crazy aromatic complexity is mesmerizing: we have a base of Old Tom gin, dry vermouth, to which are added a few drops of orange bitter, absinthe and the sweet touch of maraschino.

The history of the Tuxedo cocktail is shrouded in mystery, some people think it’s the father of the Martini cocktail and on the other hand, there is who believes it’s a simple variant of the renowned drink. The only certainty is that in 1886 the Tuxedo Club, a club for wealthy American gentleman, opened their doors and in that cenacle of bons vivant the Tuxedo drink came to light.

And the same gentleman immediately embraced the fashion of the Tuxedo jacket, made famous by the Prince of Wales, which was used to preserve the clothes from tobacco smoke.

Everything is interconnected, but smoky more than ever, but in the end what interests us is the original Tuxedo recipe, a great cocktail, perfect as an aperitif, thanks to its innate elegance.

Tuxedo cocktail ingredients

  • 3 cl Old Tom gin
  • 3 cl dry vermouth
  • 1/2 teaspoon of maraschino
  • 1/4 teaspoon of absinthe
  • 3 drops of orange bitter
  • lemon peel
  • maraschino cherry

How to prepare the perfect Tuxedo cocktail

The preparation is simple, but the appearance of this great cocktail is spectacular.

A little note about the gin used for this drink: we should use the Old Tom gin, slightly sweet, but it’s not easy to find, so sweeten you normal gin with 0.5 cl of extra sugar syrup.

Put all ingredients into a mixing glass filled with ice, stir gently and then pour into a well-iced Martini glass, making sure to filter through the strainer.

As with the Martini, squeeze a lemon peel on the cocktail, before garnishing with a lemon peel spiral wrapped around a cherry.

Great Gin Cocktail you should try

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Tuxedo cocktail food pairings

Let’s be creative, the Tuxedo is a strong and aromatic drink, so fish dishes, white meats, fish soup and pasta with vegetables are all welcome. Recommended dishes: pasta with shrimps and asparagus, queens with pesto and squid, fish balls, salmon teriyaki sauce, sweet and sour pork, Cantonese rice.

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