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DharMag March 2016 Screwdriver cocktail recipe: how to make the perfect vodka orange drink

Screwdriver cocktail recipe, vodka orange drink recipe, best vodka drinks Screwdriver is one of the simplest cocktails in the entire history of the mixed drinks: squeeze an orange and fortify it with a little bit of vodka and you’re done.

For a good, not too strong not too light cocktail they should be in a 1 (vodka) to 2(orange juice) ratio, so let’s say that adding 10 cl of orange juice to 5 cl of vodka it’s a nice way to make peace with the world.

Keep this in mind during summer, when you’ll prepare bathtubs of Screwdriver to quench your thirst and make a full immersion of vitamin C.

One legend says that an American worker has given this name to a cocktail before known as vodka orange, because for stirring it he found nothing but a simple screwdriver.

But legends aside, the Screwdriver is a phenomenal drink: fresh, sharp, with the right balance between sweetness and freshness, just have the foresight of squeezing ripe oranges, because the flavor is all in the fruit, being vodka virtually tasteless.

The reputation of the Screwdriver drink is due to the ease of preparation, but also to the many variants you can make of this cocktail: just change the spirits and it’ll become the XXX driver, so the Mexican Screw is made with tequila, American Screw with bourbon, French Screw is made, of course, with cognac and so on.

Screwdriver cocktail ingredients



  • 5 cl of vodka
  • 10 cl of orange juice

How to make the perfect Screwdriver cocktail

Squeeze the oranges and strain the juice.

Pour vodka and the juice in a highball glass filled with ice, mix and decorate with a slice of orange.

Screwdriver is the perfect cocktail to quench your thirst in summer, but it’s also great in winter when the oranges are sweet and juicy.

For a complete success, prepare it in large jugs where the ingredients will be able to blend better.

If you want to make a super tasty Screwdriver, just add a couple of Angostura drops.

Screwdriver cocktail food pairings

Vodka gives good body to the cocktail, heat, with the sweetness of the orange in the background. Do not hesitate to pair grilled fish, sushi at will, spaghetti with clams, but try it with roast beef, duck à l’orange, chicken kebab and cashews, pork ribs with barbecue sauce too.

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