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DharMag March 2016 Grasshopper drink recipe: how to make the perfect green cocktail

Grasshopper cocktail recipe, green cocktail with creme de menthe crème de cacao Grasshopper is a special cocktail, atypical, starting from the color that you will instantly recognize because of its greenish robe.

But as far as it’s mysterious, the Grasshopper recipe is quite simple: shake two liqueurs (crème de menthe and creme de cacao) and cream in equal parts and serve in a well-iced glass. More than a cocktail is a boozy, minty milkshake, we could say a sorbet.

Grasshopper cocktail history

It’s a classic after-dinner cocktails, almost a dessert to suck through a straw, in fact, the history says that these creamy cocktails, the other two are Golden Cadillac and Golden Dream, were born in the ’50s in New York in order to please the palate of the movie stars in search of velvety and delicate flavors.

Nowadays the Grasshopper drink is an old-fashioned cocktail, a little bit redundant and with a monomaniac flavor, but its charm is still alive and kicking: you should try it at least once in life. It has not the best drinkability in the world, but its flavor is unique, especially if you like mint.

Grasshopper cocktail ingredients

  • 2 cl of crème de menthe
  • 2 cl of crème de cacao
  • 2 cl fresh cream

How to prepare the perfect Grasshopper cocktail

As you can see with these simple ingredients you can not go wrong, but the cocktail is better if you can make 2-3 drinks at the time, so the cream can be shaken better.

The recipe is ready in less than 2 minutes: pour all the ingredients in a shaker filled with ice, close and shake vigorously for 20 seconds, then pour into an iced Martini glass.

If you want, decorate with a mint leaf: that’s all, nothing difficult, but you can sip a bit of history with this great cocktail.

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