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DharMag March 2016 Cosmopolitan cocktail recipe: how to make the perfect Cosmo drink

Cosmopolitan cocktail ingredients and doses to make a great drink Cosmopolitan is one of the most famous vodka drink, it’s stylish, charming, tasty and looks cool: in short, the perfect cocktail. Or at least that’s what Cosmo has become in the collective imagination: a symbol of elegance. Especially thanks to the monomania of the star of the TV show Sex and the City, Carrie Bradshaw, who was not shy at the counter.

Who invented the Cosmopolitan cocktails?

The history of the Cosmo drink is controversial, many claim its paternity, but actually, it was born in the 50s, when a large American company held a contest to publicize their cranberry juice and from there the legend of Cosmopolitan was born.

There are two sources of inspiration for this cocktail: Kamikaze (vodka, triple sec and lemon juice) and Cape Cod (vodka and cranberry juice). Let’s say that the Cosmo drink has taken the best of both drinks to become the most renowned vodka drink.

Cocktail Cosmopolitan recipe ingredients and pairings, vodka and cranberry The recipe for making Cosmopolitan is quite simple, clean, crisp in its citrus flavors, present in both the juice in the flavored vodka. Its special feature is the presence of cranberry juice, which joins a classic vodka + triple sec base (aromaticity and sweetness), and lemon juice.

Alcohol content of Cosmopolitan

Pay attention here, the Cosmopolitan is a strong and fragrant drink, warm, with a good balance between sweetness and acidity that can fool you, so its high alcohol content shouldn’t be taken lightly. Suitable for any occasion, but especially as an aperitif.

Cosmopolitan cocktail ingredients


Martini glass

  • 4 cl of vodka citron
  • 1.5 of triple sec
  • 1.5 cl fresh lemon juice
  • 3 cl of cranberry juice (cranberry)

How to prepare the perfect Cosmopolitan cocktail

Put some ice cubes in the glass to cool it.

Squeeze the lemon and strain the juice. Pour all ingredients in a shaker, shake for 15 seconds, remove the ice from the glass and pour the Cosmo, straining.

Garnish with a slice of lime.

That’s all, simple, but addictive!

Cosmopolitan food pairings

Excellent with spicy foods, risotto with zucchini and shrimps, sausage, hot dog, sweet and sour pork, Cantonese rice, any burgers, chicken tandoori and chicken curry. Try this with Thai cuisine and you’ll love it.

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