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DharMag March 2016 B-52 drink recipe: how to layer a cocktail like a pro!

B52 cocktail recipe,  famous cocktail recipes, short cocktail, strong cocktails B-52 is one of the most spectacular cocktail, a fall in love at the first sight drink, thanks to its flamboyant aspect made ​​of three colored layers that can hypnotize your senses.

But B-52 is not only a rainbow for your eyes, but for your palate too, a cocktail to be sipped at any time of the day, although it is undeniable that it’s the perfect after dinner drink and the best friend of many chocolate desserts like cake, tart and cookies.

Flaming B-52 cocktail recipe, cocktail with flames, how to prepare cocktail B52 Sometimes to make it more pyrotechnic the last layer is set on fire, but pay attention to your eyebrows…

B-52 has only three ingredients, present in identical doses, 2 cl of everyone: coffee liqueur, Irish cream and Grand Marnier. The result is a small, concentrated super nova, soft and enveloping that sparkles on your tongue, stirring sweet and creamy flavors with the bitter notes of orange and coffee in the background, making the cocktail zippy and very precise at an aromatic level.

B52 drink recipe, how to make B52 at home, making B52 cocktail like a pro The B-52 drink has an obscure origin, many claim its paternity, but the only established fact is the name: a tribute to the famous American bomber that during the Vietnam War ignited the skies with copious napalm waterfalls. It makes its first appearance in the 70’s.

Last note on the B52’s preparation, do not lose heart, take your time and make practice: to build a cocktail into the glass is an art and Rome wasn’t built in a day either…

B-52 cocktail ingredients

  • 2 cl coffee liqueur
  • 2 cl Irish cream, Baileys
  • 2 cl Grand Marnier

How to prepare the perfect B-52 cocktail

The B-52 drink is prepared into sherry glasses, the one you use for chupitos. To make it easy, don’t use too wide glasses.

First layer: put the coffee liqueur and it’s the easy part.

B-52 cocktail recipe and ingredients, the best cocktail recipes for bartenders Then, with the help of a teaspoon, leaning on the glass, a few millimeters above the coffee liqueur, with the back facing up, pour the whiskey cream.

B 52 cocktail recipe, how to make the most famous cocktail, bartender life And then repeat the process with the Grand Marnier layer.

And here’s how to make one of the most important, famous and charismatic cocktail that has influenced the pop culture of the all the 21st century.

B-52 drink recipe, cocktail Baileys Grand Marnier, Irish cream whiskey Take a spoon and start making practice and change the layers to find your combo!

B-52 cocktail food pairings

Try it with chocolate desserts, fresh fruit, coffee or orange cheesecake: tiramisu with walnuts and salted caramel , trifle , baklava, galaktoboureko.

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