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DharMag March 2016 Apple Martini cocktail recipe: how to make the perfect Appletini drink

Apple martini cocktail recipe, Appletini drink recipe, green cocktail Photography by Michael Shum The Apple Martini, also called Appletini, is a perfect cocktail, self-referential, sweet, despotic and all focused on the sweet and sour flavor of the apple: a declaration of love for the green fruit.

As concept it resembles the Japanese Slipper cocktail, which is prepared with Midori, it is a cocktail that you hate or love: there are no half measures.

The Apple Martini drink is warm, enveloping and just enough refreshed by the sharp touch of triple sec, perfect for any time of day, even though it gives its best with desserts with fresh fruit, fruit salads, apple crumble, apple pie or ice cream.

Apple Martini drink recipe, green cocktail with vodka & apple liqueur, vodka Pay attention to the doses: the Apple Martini is one of those aromatic, but monolithic, cocktails that relays on a perfect balance between sweetness and alcohol, since there are no juices to refresh or correct the drink.

About the history of the Appletini there isn’t much to say: it’s a Martini cocktail variant, a son born from the proliferation of the Martini-mania. But not for this reason it should be considered as a minor cocktails, in fact if you can find an excellent green apple liqueur, the Appletini will become one of your best friends. As long as you like green apples!

Apple Martini ingredients

  • 4 cl of vodka
  • 1.5 cl of green apple liqueur
  • 1.5 cl of triple sec

How to prepare the perfect Apple Martini

The cocktail is prepared in the mixing glass, to not perturb the apple liqueur. Fill the glass with ice, pour all the ingredients, stir and pour in a frozen Martini glass.

Garnish with a green apple slice or a cocktail cherry.

Apple martini cocktail, best vodka drinks, vodka recipes, vodka apple That’s all, it’s not a great deal, but if you like strong & sweet cocktails, the Appletini will keep you company for many future nights.

Apple Martini food pairings

All desserts made with fresh fruits and apples are great, from pies to the fruit salads. Recommended recipes: apple crumble, bread & banana cake, chocolate and pear tart, mud cake, brownies.

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