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March 2016

DharMag March 2016 Ideas, recipes and new cocktails for your Easter menu, Women and Father's Day

Flowers for the Women's Day, ideas, cocktails, menus for Women's Day March is a month of rebirth, we leave behind the winter’s cold to dive into the gentle warm of the first Spring days.

Not that this winter has been glacial, indeed, but this year March was announced by some incredible sunny days.

Squirrel, squirrel pictures, arrival of Spring, the end of winter Spring recipes The hibernation is over, the trees are already blossoming and the days get longer, but apart from the bucolic picture what interests us are three main events : Women’s Day, Easter and Father’s Day.

Occasions with different meanings and importance, but all are worth at least a recipe, a cocktail and a thought.

For what concerns the Easter menu, lamb dominates as usual, while for the Women’s Day, get ready because we have baked a special Mimosa cake, made by a great Italian restaurant, so stay tuned dear ladies.

Strawberries, recipes with fresh strawberies, best strawberry cocktail recipes What can we say about Father’day? Well we are giving in with a lot of new cocktails, there are plenty pf ideas for our daddies , who may prefer a drink to relax more than a cake, and then came the first strawberries. We’re early, we know, but we didn’t manage to resist to the temptation…

Enjoy the reading and the incoming Spring!

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