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DharMag June 2016 Watermelon and mint Caipiroska: the most refreshing summer cocktail is waiting for you!

Watermelon and mint Caipiroska cocktail with vodka and watermelon, lemon mint And finally we got to one of the most refreshing summer cocktails: watermelon caipiroska.

As always, we say “caipiroska”, but this is not just a spartan cocktail with vodka and watermelon, because there are a couple of tricks, small additions, which will make this drink amazing and irresistible.

First of all, if in a normal caipiroska you would put half lime, this time we are going to use lemon, which is divine with watermelon and then we’ll add a few mint leaves, a sprinkle of triple sec to add flavor and two drops of Angostura to finish with a delicate herbal touch.

The result is the ultimate summer cocktail: fresh, sharp, with the right dose of sweetness, but above all balanced by the mint.

It’s perfect as an aperitif or brunch cocktail or if you want to pair it with spicy dishes. In practice, you can use it for anything. And if you want a lighter long drink, just add Sprite or soda. Yeah, it’s so good that even without vodka is delicious!

Watermelon and mint Caipiroska ingredients

Watermelon. Cocktail with watermelon & vodka. Caipiroska watermelon Summer drink

  • a dozen of watermelon cubes
  • 5 cl of vodka
  • the juice of a half lemon
  • 1 cl sugar syrup
  • 2 cl of triple sec
  • 2 drops of Angostura
  • 2-3 mint leaves

How to make the perfect watermelon and mint Caipiroska

Squeeze lemon and strain juice.

Cut a watermelon in small cubes and put them in a tumbler with sugar syrup and mint leaves. Add triple sec and press gently with a muddler.

Add ice and finally pour vodka and angostura, stir, wait a few minutes and then serve your delicious Caipiroska.

Summer cocktail recipes, cocktail with watermelon vodka and triple sec and lemon Add Sprite or soda for a easier going long drink.

If prepared with ginger ale instead of vodka and triple sec, it becomes a great mocktail.

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