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DharMag June 2016 Spirits review: Grey Goose vodka characteristics, price and tasting of the famous French vodka

Grey Goose vodka characteristics, price and tasting notes, spirits review       The Grey Goose Vodka, yeah, exactly that one with a grey bird on the label, has a peculiarity, to tell the truth, we have 3 particularities: it’s born in France from a careful selection of grains, then is distilled in the heart of Cognac and is made with wheat.

So this is not the classic Eastern strong-flavored potato vodka for tough men ready to fight a bear or chop down a tundra with a butter knife.

This makes us understand how much the vodka world is expanding (skyrocketing?) and spreading around the world, thanks to the comeback of great vodka cocktails, like Moscow Mule.

With a so emblazoned place of origin would hard to make a bad distillate and in fact Grey Goose vodka is good, you won’t find fireworks or Pindaric flights inside it, but it’s elegant, with its feet firmly on the ground, delicate aromas and a palate that invites to drink with a nifty aromatic precision.

What does Grey Goose Vodka taste and smell like?

Bouquet: traces of citrus, almonds and floral flashes: in short: lovely.

The palate is always round and gentle, paced by a smooth equilibrium.

It’s a graceful vodka, but not too dense, so use it for floral, sparkling and fruity cocktails with juices.

What cocktail should you make with Grey Goose vodka?

More than for cocktails like Moscow Mule or lime Caipiroska, use it to enhance aromatic ingredients: it’s indicated for cocktails like Screwdriver, apricot Caipiroska, Bloody Mary, but it’s amazing even for a classic Sex on the Beach.

How much Grey Goose costs?

Bottle of Grey Goose vodka, price, review and tasting of Grey Goose vodka We are about 35 euro for a 0.70-liter bottle, the quality is high enough and the price is in line with the competition.

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