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DharMag June 2016 How to make white sangria with wild berries, crème de menthe, gin and triple sec

White sangria with berries, crème de menthe, gin & triple sec, summer cocktails Another white sangria? Are you kidding me?

Yeah, get used to it, because we all love white sangria here and we love mix and experiment to find new recipes of this beauty cocktail.

And above all, remember that sangria is pure, liquid magic: it takes little to turn a simple glass of wine into a forest of delicious scents and lures.

And the sangria we are going to prepare today is particularly fragrant, because we will add wild berries and crème de menthe.

The recipe is all played on the balance between freshness and sweetness: a play of chiaroscuro running in a forest of plucky scents.

Best summer cocktails, white sangria with wild fruit crème de menthe and gin The result is a pungent and very drinkable, but intriguing, sangria, because of the spirits we’ve added: the holy trinity of creme de menthe, gin and triple sec.

That’s all, another white sangria to add to your collection.

Ingredients for making white sangria with wild berries, crème de menthe, gin and triple sec

  • 5 cl of sparkling white wine, Champagne if you want to make a legendary cocktail
  • 2 cl of gin
  • 2 cl of crème de menthe
  • 1 cl of triple sec
  • 1 cl of lime juice
  • 4 cranberries
  • 4 blackberries
  • 4 raspberries
  • 1 slice of lime

How to make the perfect white sangria with wild berries

Wild berries, blueberries, cocktails with blueberri and raspberries, recipes Wash all the fruits, cut lime in half and squeeze it, while you’re there cut a slice for the final decoration.

In a large glass or a balloon (Cognac glass) put all the fruits, lime juice and all the spirits.

Pour in white wine and stir gently and add 3 ice cubes to cool properly cocktail.

White sangria with gin blueberry and triple sec, refreshing cocktails Remember that it is unseemly to cool a good wine with ice, but with sangria se puede (you can!).

White sangria food pairings

Vegetarian dishes, grilled fish, pasta with pesto, finger food and creamy dishes. Recommended dishes: fish and chips, orecchiette with pesto and squids, tortellini with cream, fish balls, salmon with Teriyaki sauce, sweet and sour pork, Cantonese rice.

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