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DharMag June 2016 Bellini cocktail recipe: how to make one of the best Italian cocktail

Bellini cocktail recipe, cocktail with sparkling wine and peach nectar Bellini is a cornerstones of the history of cocktails, one of the most refined, stylish and nifty drink, although the recipe is very simple: mix some peach nectar with a good sparkling wine like Spumante or Champagne and you can sip a bit of heaven.

The recipe is simple, ok, but ingenious: Spumante’s qualities like structure, minerality and rocky freshness, find a the the fragrant aroma of peaches: pure genius.

But beware, the secret for making a perfect Bellini are peaches, which have to be white, ripe, but above all crushed into a fine sieve to obtain a peach nectar pure as the wings of an angel.

Bellini drink recipe, Bellini cocktail with Prosecco and peach juice Do not even think for a second to use a trivial industrial juice, if you don’t have fresh peaches, try to find a top notch bottled peach nectar.

That’s it: just love and some great ingredients.

Bellini cocktail recipe, ingredients, process to make the real Italian aperitif Historical note: the Bellini cocktail was born in Venice, 1948, on the occasion of a major exhibition of the famous painter Battista Bellini, by the brilliant mind of the immortal Giuseppe Cipriani, at the time owner and head barman of Harry’s Bar.

Bellini cocktail ingredients

Peaches. Cocktail recipe with peaches. Bellini cocktail ingredients preparation Photography by Anna Verdina Karnova

  • 5 cl of peach nectar
  • 10 cl of sparkling wine or Champagne

How to prepare the perfect Bellini drink

As you can see from the ingredients there is a 1 to 2 ratio, so for a balanced and not too strong drink, the sparkling wine must be present in a double amount compared to peach nectar. Keep this in mind if you want to prepare bowl or pools of Bellini for brunches, happy hours and parties, where Bellini shines.

Peach nectar, peach juice, Bellini cocktail ingredients with doses & mixing tips First of all, prepare the nectar: ​​Wash and peel the peaches, cut into wedges and place in a chinoise, and crush with a spoon to extract the nectar.

Champagne, cocktail with Chmpagne, best sparkling cocktail recipes Bellini drink In a glass or a champagne flute pour the peach nectar and fill gently with Spumante or Champagne.

Bellini cocktail recipe. How to prepare the Bellini cocktail, Italian cocktails Garnish with a slice of peach.

A little tip, if you prepare the nectar in advance, store it in an airtight container and put it the in refrigerator or it will oxidize immediately losing much of its charm.

Bellini cocktail food pairings

The Bellini is the king of every brunch, party or elegant dinner, pair it with fish and shrimps, white meats, finger food, spicy Indian food, bbq chicken wings, mixed paella, orange chicken, sea ​​bass in salt crust, grilled chicken, fish balls.

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