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Wine Dharma

June 2014

DharMag June 2014 Summer cooking school

The Story of Nastagio Degli Onesti. Italian paintings and recipes! What? Is cooking an art? As you have already understood this month we will focus on food, cuisine and some summer recipes, but don’t worry we will have time for some wine tasting too.

It’s hard to not fall in love with the perfect art of cooking, so this Dharmag will lean on the secrets of the best Italian chefs, their most spectacular recipes, the techniques and of course the basics of cooking. We will learn to make a perfect pizza dough, pasta for your glorious tortelli, a perfect cheese soufflé, but even a simple sole meuniere.

View of Comacchio- Bridges nad calle. Old city of Comacchio. Ferrara What interests us is to discover not only the technique and “how to cook zucchini”, but mostly why chef do what they do. Why steaming rather than boiling? What cuts of meat are used for a super tasty bollito or a massive hamburger. Why Bologna tortellini stuffing is different from Modena’s ones. What are the ravioli with savor? Cima? Pansotti? And much more, stay tune!

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