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DharMag January 2020 White Russian drink recipe: how to make a velvety cocktail with vodka, cream and coffee liqueur

White Russian drink recipe, cocktail with vodka, cream and coffee liqueur At first glance, the White Russian cocktail may seem like a simple evolution of the Black Russian with a small addition of fresh cream. But this is not the case. As virile and direct Black Russian is as a drink, the White is just as delicate and velvety, with an underlying sweetness that creates a fearful dependence.

The White Russian also has another great gift: it is a cocktail that can be drunk all year long. In the summer, serve it frozen or with lots of ice. During winter do not put ice and it will become a sort of “Russian Coffee”, a distant cousin of the Irish Coffee. Not so velvety, indeed stronger and more rustic, but always exceptional!

So if we managed to whet your curiosity, here is the original recipe of the White Russian, a cocktail that with only three ingredients is be able to fascinate your palate forever.

Ingredients and doses for making the White Russian cocktail

How to prepare the White Russian cocktail

No shaker, but only a lot of love for this cocktail, which is prepared directly in the glass.

White Russian ingredients: cocktail with vodka, coffee liqueur and cream Pour the vodka into an old fashioned glass filled with ice.

Naked Nick recipe: White Russian, coffee liqueur, cocktail with coffee and vodka Add the coffee liqueur and stir gently.

Naked man with sculpted bibs, Naked Nick at work, naked wiry chef Let’s tackle the cream. A trick to give consistency to the cream and make it softer is to shake it for 10 seconds with some ice cubes in the shaker, before using it to make the cocktail. If you then put the cream in the freezer for a few minutes, before using it, even better.

NAked Nick in the Kitchen, how to make the perfect White Russian cocktail Now add the cream, pouring it on a spoon facing downwards, holding it attached to the wall of the glass.

White Russian cocktail ricetta, cocktail con vodka liquore al caffè e panna Before drinking the White Russian, stir to mix the ingredients.

In winter it can also be served at room temperature, adding 1 cup of espresso.

Shake it naked, baby!

If you liked White Russian, you might be interested in other coffee-based cocktails: Espresso Martini, Irish Coffee, B-52, Black Russian.

Which dishes to combine with the White Russian cocktail?

White Russian is great with all desserts and cake made with chocolate, coffee, and licorice, not to mention the fattiest cheesecakes. Recommended desserts: tiramisu with walnuts and salted caramel, Zuppa Inglese, bread pudding, kunefe, chocolate tarts, galaktoboureko, baklava.

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