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DharMag January 2020 Koval gin tasting notes and review of a great American distillate

Koval gin tasting notes and review, great American distillates, best gin reviews Gin Koval is one of the most amazing spirits we have ever tasted. It is an American gin born from a small distillery specializing in bourbon, but which has also produced a small jewel based on only 3 botanicals.

In fact, you won’t find many ingredients in this Koval gin, however, the flavor and the aromas are splendid.

It is very intense, fruity, elegant, slender and spicy, in short, it has everything you ask for a great gin.

Do not expect a classic, rude and bold Dry London Gin. Indeed this Koval gin is super elegant, with a subtle fruity and floral charm that flows into a mesmerizing kaleidoscope of flavors.

It does not aim at the purity of the aromatic profile, it’s a like a circus where there are endless artists ready to perform.

Maybe it’s a little crystallized in its rarefied elegance, we could say almost pleased. It seems almost a perfume, a gin purist could be bothered by such sumptuousness.

However, it is never redundant, the sip is rich in pulp, thickness, spices, volume and flows smoothly.

And after the aromatic sparks of the Monkey 47, we discovered which peaks gin can aspire to and Koval gin is ready to fight with other heavyweights.

But now let’s go to the tasting notes of this great American gin.

The bouquet of Koval gin

Lime, orange, cardamom, aromatic herbs and ginger alternate layer after layer, with elegance, teasing in the nose, with the mysterious charm of the juniper in the background to give thickness.

What does Koval gin taste like?

In the mouth, it is a crazy concentrate of sapidity and citrus flavors, all punctuated by rose petals and resins. So is it good? Nope, it’s great! Let’s be honest, there are few gins that can boast such a complex, mottled and at the same time credible rainbow of flavors.

Especially as alcoholic depth.

It caresses the mouth, then starts pushing vertically with the pepper that tickles the palate and finally the freshness that diminishes like the tide at sunset.

the balance is perfect. Endless persistence: after a few minutes you will still wander in this forest of flavors.

Price of Koval gin

We are at the level of the Gin Monkey, 40 euros for the half-liter bottle, but it is worth it up to the last drop.

What cocktails to make with Koval gin

This is a distillate that can and deserves to be tasted neat like a good Scotch single malt. Anyway, try it for your precious Dry Martini, Pino cocktail, Ramos Gin Fizz, Gin Fizz.

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