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DharMag January 2020 Chocolate porter by Fabbrica della Birra Perugia: the ultimate beer for chocolate lovers?

Fabbrica della Birra Perugia chocolate porter, the ultimate beer for chocolate The chocolate porter of the Fabbrica della Birra Perugia brewery is a dark beer, with intense tones, a warm, round flavor and an irresistible foam.

At the end of fermentation, cocoa is added to flavor the most, but it is not at all intrusive or redundant, on the contrary, it amplifies and adds a delicate, spicy touch, which goes with the suggestions of coffee already present.

If you want to combine a beer with chocolate or cocoa desserts, muffins, or a classic Tiramisu, you’ve found it. But it is also excellent with the most classic American barbecue recipes, starting with pulled pork, brisket and ribs with coffee rub.

The scents of the chocolate porter of the Perugia Beer Factory
The bouquet is intense, but well defined, without smudges, clean. It opens with strong notes of coffee, licorice and cola, dark and fleshy fruits also arrive, notes of spices such as cinnamon, but they are faint, in the background. Persistence and finesse. Well done.

The flavors of the chocolate porter of the Perugia Beer Factory

The sip is full-bodied, savory, ample as a breath. The good balance oscillates between barley and the call of hops. Crisp finish, not very long, but satisfying.

Craft beer chocolate porter Perugia Beer Factory reviews

In summary, it is an elegant and soft beer, which boasts dark and tempting aromas, but which then caresses your palate with kindness in the mouth.

Excellent drinkability, dense foam and aromatic precision.

Price of the chocolate porter of the Perugia Beer Factory

5 euros: not a terrible price.

Pairings for the chocolate porter of the Perugia Beer Factory

Apart from the BBQ recipes, uncork it also to accompany dishes with eggplant, cumin and smoked tofu: eggplant meatballs, lentil burgers, chicken curry, chocolate cake.

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