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DharMag January 2020 Brooklyn drink recipe: how to make a velvety rye whiskey cocktail

Brooklyn cocktail original recipe with rye whiskey, Vermouth bitter Amer Picon The Brooklyn cocktail is a classic drink from the 1900s, one of the legendary five cocktails named after New York neighborhoods. The recipe has undergone various interpretations, but the original one by Jacob Grohusko is a flavor bomb and includes a good dose of rye whiskey and sweet vermouth present in equal parts (50 and 50), the bitter Picon Amer and a drop of Maraschino.

In practice, it is a twist of the Manhattan, but in reality, the flavor, even sharing the same setting, is very different, because the proportions between rye whiskey and sweet vermouth are at 50 and 50, while in Manhattan there are 5 cl of whiskey and 2 cl of vermouth. Obviously the aromatic, spicy and rightly bitter charge of the Picon bitter was put there to balance with more severe tones, anyway, the Brooklyn is a very velvety cocktail.

Brooklyn Harry Craddock the Savoy cocktail book recipe, cocktail recipes There are many Brooklyn twists, but the reason is very simple: just vary the proportions of so strong ingredients and you can completely change the face of this aperitif. And one of the most successful variations of the Brooklyn cocktail is the one made with dry vermouth instead of sweet. Of course, in this way, the cocktail is drier and tighter, but you just need to double the doses of Maraschino and Pico bitters to find a nice balance. The recipe that Harry Craddock proposes in the Savoy cocktail book is also based on French vermouth (1/3) and Canadian Whiskey (2/3). But pay attention, when the old Harry says “French Vermouth” he means dry vermouth, while on the Canadian it is better to leave it out and use rye.

History of the Brooklyn cocktail

The official inventor of this elegant cocktail is Jacob Grohusko, a New York bartender, who was clearly inspired by a legendary drink like Manhattan.

The cocktail is considered a classic aperitif drink, but be careful, the rye hits hard on the palate and even the alcohol content is no joke!

Ingredients and doses of the Brooklyn cocktail

  • 4.5 cl of rye whiskey
  • 4.5 of sweet vermouth
  • 0.5 cl of Picon Amer bitters
  • 0.5 cl of maraschino
  • maraschino cherry or lemon peel

How to make the Brooklyn cocktail

It should always be done in mixing glass. As a good rule of life, vermouth, which is a wine, should never be mortified in the shaker, especially when it comes to such complex drinks. It’s not a Vesper …

Anyway, chill a martini glass or an old fashioned glass with ice to start.

Put some ice in the mixing glass, add the rye whiskey, the sweet vermouth, the Amer Picon bitter, the maraschino and mix gently.

Empty the cup and pour the drink, straining with the strainer and decorate with an orange peel or maraschino cherry.

Cocktail with Amer Picon bitters, how to make the Brooklyn cocktail with rye whi If you want to make a more sharp Brooklyn, use 4.5 cl of dry vermouth, 1 cl of maraschino and 1 cl of Amer Picon bitters. The version of the cocktail on the rocks is tolerated, but only if the heat is prohibitive or for poolside summer parties.

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