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DharMag January 2017 Rakoni cocktail: the turkish cousin, made with raki, of the Negroni

Rakoni drink recipe, Negroni made with raki sweet vermouth and Campari bitter We have been working on Negroni lately, experiencing countless variations, but at the end of the day the two variants that we have chosen to publish are White Negroni and our new cocktail: Rakoni, a Negroni made with raki, the aniseed-flavored spirit of Turkish/Greek/Balkan origin.

Rakoni is an unusual cocktail, but very aromatic, that starting from the classic combo of sweet vermouth and bitter, can develop its own identity with style.

Rakoni cocktail with raki sweet vermouth bitter Camapri, new drink 2017 It’s hard to try, drink and invent new Negroni variants when the original drink is a masterpiece, a piece of history, a cornerstone of the mixed drinks, but this distillate with a quiet charm is not so bad.

The Rakoni recipe is identical to the original Negroni, same doses: you just need to replace gin with raki and to get a new, shiny cocktail.

Rakoni cocktail ingredients

  • 1/3 (3 cl) of raki
  • 1/3 (3 cl) of bitter
  • 1/3 (3 cl) of sweet vermouth
  • lemon peel
  • slice of orange




Old Fashioned

How to make the Rakoni cocktail (Negroni with raki)

No need for your beloved shaker in this case.

Fill an old fashioned glass with ice.

In a mixing glass put some ice and pour all ingredients and stir gently with a spoon.

Throw away the ice, fill with new ice, pour the cocktail in the glass straining.

Cut a slice of orange and garnish.

Twist the lemon peel over the cocktail’s surface and serve.

Liquid glass, hallucinogen cocktails, Rakoni in Hell, drinking in Hell Drink responsibly If you want a lighter long drink add a splash of soda or tonic water.

Rakoni cocktail food pairings

It’s a strong and bold cocktail, so dare with rich and spicy dishes, smoked fish or Kansas City Ribs. Rakoni is a smooth cocktail that can cope with a whole meal. Recommended dishes: roast beef, pasta cacio e pepe, Beef Wellington.

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