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DharMag January 2017 Plymouth Gin Original Strength: review, tasting notes, price, botanicals and characteristics

Plymouth Gin Original Strength review, price, botanicals and characteristics The Plymouth Gin Original Strength is a spirit coming from the past and is produced in the only distillery that remains in the city of Plymouth, a historic port situated in the county of Devon.

A picturesque place, full of atmosphere, not only because of the gin but also for the wonderful landscape it offers.

It was distilled for the first time in 1793 and it became the official medicinal tonic of the Royal Navy, but today we are dealing with a very different gin.

There is also a Plymouth Navy Strength (softer and more zesty flavored), but today we will talk about the Original Strength gin, the most “original” of the two.

But what is so special about this gin?

We must say that it is not a subtle gin, but full-bodied gin with a towering structure.

Fragrances and botanicals are the classic ones, but the spicy and earthy suggestions are much more intense than the citrus or floral ones.

Licorice, juniper, angelica, and coriander mark sharply this gin, giving to it a nice, strong personality.

At the palate is rocky, warm and with a very long earthy finish. Do not expect a mysterious style gin such as the Monkey 47, this is shameless, direct and uncompromising, but good.

If you like gin of substance, with no frills, but with a steel core, this is the spirit you are looking for.

Plymouth Gin Original Strength Price

Not easy to find. The cost varies between 35 and 45 euros, not cheap, but at least once in your life should be sipped.

What are the cocktails to make with the Plymouth Gin Original Strength?

Plymouth Gin Original Strength Negroni cocktail recipe how to make Negroni drink Its complex licorice driven flavor calls for strong and aromatic drinks like Negroni, Bramble, Tuxedo, Perfect Martini.

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