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DharMag January 2017 Homemade Nutella recipe: here's the recipe of a great Italian pastry chef

Nutella homemade recipe, chocolate hazelnut cream recipe Photo by the Queen: Anna Verdina Karnova Many people wonder how to make Nutella at home, but instead we should ask ourselves how to make chocolate-hazelnut cream, a very different product, which has its roots in the ancient Piedmont’s confectionery tradition.

But today came in our rescue one of the best Italian pastry chefs: Armando Palmieri, a great professional who knows that first of all are the raw materials to make a difference.

Especially when it comes to chocolate-hazelnut cream, one of the most copied Italian wonders and mistreated with industrial productions that have nothing to do with this culinary gem.

Chocolate-Hazelnut cream recipe, Italian best pastry chef recipes Nutella recipe But we do not want to waste your time, after all you just have to take a look at the ingredients of this homemade Nutella to understand that you do not need a magic wand or palm oil to make the chocolate-hazelnut cream.

Ingredients for making the authentic Italian chocolate-hazelnut cream at home

700 grams of product

  • 200 grams of milk chocolate 40%
  • 40 grams of dark chocolate 55%
  • 225 grams of hazelnut paste 100%
  • 12 grams of cocoa 22/24
  • 35 grams of peanut oil
  • 15 grams of grape seed oil
  • 15 grams of anhydrous butter
  • 18 grams of melted cocoa butter
  • 100% love (basic ingredient)

How to make the Nutella at home like a top notch pastry chef

it’s a very simple recipe, you don’t need any fancy household appliance.
Emulsify all the (cold) ingredients with a mixer at 31 ° C (the mechanical strength of the blades will take you to this temperature so don’t worry) until you get a perfect cream.

Then you are ready to put your homemade Nutella in sterilized glass jars.

Homemade chocolate cream, authentic Italian Nutella recipe Let it stand at least 24 hours at room temperature before using it for delicious snacks or luscious chocolate shower.

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