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DharMag January 2017 Harvey Wallbanger cocktail recipe

Harvey Wallbanger cocktail recipe, cocktail with vodka orange juice and Galliano The Harvey Wallbanger cocktail is one of those drinks that you always with pleasure, especially in this period, when the oranges are at their peak.

The Harvey Wallbanger recipe is very simple, take a Screwdriver (vodka and orange juice) and add a sprinkle of Galliano liquor. That’s it: yet this cocktail, born in the 50’s by the hand of the barman Duke Antone, has a freshness and a drinkability you’ll never get tired of.

And the reason is simple: vodka is almost neutral, OK, we like it for its sharp, warm touch, but when the sweetness of the oranges is blended with the spices and herbs of the Galliano liqueur, well, something magic happens.

Two words about Galliano, a liqueur that taken alone is not great, but when it is dissolved in orange or pineapple juice it becomes fabulous, adding pyrotechnic notes that dazzle the palate.

When and why should you drink the old Harvey?

The H. W. is a fabulous aperitif, not too alcoholic and with an elegant and nifty, but never difficult, flavor. If you are tired of the classic screwdriver or you want to sip a more complex drink, give the old Harvey a chance!

Harvey Wallbanger cocktail ingredients

  • 4.5 cl of vodka
  • 1.5 cl of Galliano liqueur
  • 9 cl of orange juice
  • ice
  • cocktail cherry

How to make the Harvey Wallbanger cocktail

The shaker is not needed. Just squeeze an orange and strain juice.

Fill a highball glass with ice, pour orange juice, vodka and let it slide on the surface a bit of Galliano liqueur.

Best vodka drinks, Harvey Wallbanger drink recipe, how to make the old Harvey Garnish with a cocktail cherry, a lime (or orange) slice, rosemary or a candied orange peel.

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