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DharMag January 2017 Botanic W & H gin premium review: characteristics, price and cocktails to make

Botanic W & H premium gin tasting and review gin bottle best gin for cocktails The Botanic W & H premium gin is a fine bottle of spirit, very fragrant, pleasant, never too exaggerated and with a quiet charm.

The color is clear, a you can find an elegant and immediate bouquet of citrus, almonds and juniper, but everything is declined with elegance and aromatic rigor.

Aromatically speaking is complex, but well-chiseled, with any frills.

At the palate is clean and goes straight to the point with mild spiciness and a complex, but not difficult flavor, punctuated by a medium structured body.

If we want to synthesize we could say it’s a fine, well balanced gin, without acute.

What cocktails should you make with the Botanic w & h premium gin?

Botanic w & h premium gin and tonic cocktail, gin review and drink recipes It’s perfect for fruity and fragrant cocktails like Bronx, Bramble, Paradise and Tom Collins, but also try it for a Gin Gin Mule or a sparkling drinks like the Pino cocktail.

Botanic W & H premium gin’s price

Between 45 and 50 euro: an honest price for a good quality product that will make you happy (Simple Jack mode on).

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