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DharMag January 2017 Boca Le Piane 2007: tasting notes, price and characteristics of a great red wine from Piedmont

Boca Le Piane 2007 tasting notes, price, characteristics of a great red wine Today we had the honor to drink a great Nebbiolo, Boca Le Piane 2007, an excellent vintage among others things.

In Boca, a town north of Novara and close to Lake Maggiore, Nebbiolo is produced from centuries blended with Vespolina, a difficult vine to grow, but that knows how to amplify the austere charm of Nebbiolo in a unique way.

The cru Le Piane is located at an altitude of 450 meters and the grapes are affected by this cold, windy weather, giving back grapes of exceptional quality, with a very distinct aromatic profile.

The blend is composed as it follows: 85% Nebbiolo and 15% of Vespolina. Nebbiolo is severe, ethereal and tannic, while Vespolina add spicy touches, color and vibrancy.

Ok, after this brief introduction we’ll move on to the tasting notes of this great red wine from Piedmont and remember that is doesn’t grow only in Langhe and Roero or Valtellina, but also in Boca and Ghemme, in the north far of Piedmont.

Boca Le Piane 2007 bouquet

It’s an fine and evolved nose with ripe fruit notes that are intertwined with dried leaves, nuts, small wild strawberries and beautiful ethereal notes typical only of the best Nebbiolo. Earthy notes are well marked, it seems to walk in a forest, where light filters from the trees, illuminating your stroll with savory notes, almost marine.

In two words: it is the quintessence of elegance, but with a mysterious slightly spicy touch given by Vespolina.

Boca Le Piane 2007 to the palate

The long aging in cask before and bottle the allowed this Nebbiolo to flourish, in the mouth you can feel that the roughness of Nebbiolo has turned into pure silk. It is a majestic, complex wine, but graceful, never a smudge, always tasty and still fresh, with tannins that wrap all your mouth, leaving a delicious memory of licorice and tamarind.

After 10 years he is still vibrant, although he has embarked on his way to a radiant evolution. It would be nice to try it in another 10 years.

Quickly: it is a great red wine characterized by plenty of spicy and ethereal scents, thick and structured, however chiseled with rare elegance. We are still talking about a Nebbiolo, so do not expect a muscular Cabernet Sauvignon style wine.

Boca Le Piane 2007 food pairings

Truffles, venison, fillet with porcini, all dishes with mushrooms and cocoa are welcome. A simple truffle risotto is phenomenal with this Nebbiolo.

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