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DharMag January 2016 Irish coffee drink recipe: how to make the ultimate winter cocktail

Irish coffee cocktail recipe, coffee with whiskey cream, winter cocktail recipes With the arrival of winter’s cold, preparing a nice Irish Coffee mug is one of the most sublime pleasures to enjoy.

The history (legend?) of Irish Coffee starts from a bartender working at Shannon Airport, Mr. Joe Sheridan, who used to amuse the tourists passing through with a whisky and cream strengthened coffee to prepare them to their long journeys.

Even today we give thanks to Mr. Sheridan for allowing us to drink one of the most delicious and invigorating cocktails ever made.

If for many winter means mulled wine or grog, for many others, it is synonymous with Irish Coffee, after all, dear friends, de gustibus non disputandum est…

Don’t worry, the original Irish coffee is easy to make: in practice, it’s a coffee mixed with whiskey on which floats a compelling layer of lightly whipped cream.

Sure, easy, if you know the secret to make the perfect Irish Coffee drink: slightly shake the cream to make it more soft and airy, so that does not sink into that black sea of whiskey and coffee.

Of course, there are endless variations of the Irish coffee cocktail, just replace Irish whiskey with your favorite spirit. You may like it with Sambuca, grappa, dark rum or vodka for a more neat cocktail.

The Irish is the king of hot drinks and is perfect to bring joy and ruddy happiness to your holidays, winter parties and boring business meetings.

Irish coffee drink ingredients

  • 4 cl whisky
  • 9 cl of hot coffee
  • 3 cl of fresh cream
  • 1 teaspoon brown sugar

How to make the perfect Irish Coffee drink

Prepare the coffee, better to use Mocha.

In a goblet or a mug pour whiskey, coffee and sugar and stir with a spoon.

Put the cream in a shaker with 4 ice cube and shake for 10 seconds, let it rest for 10 seconds, then pour it slowly into the glass, using a spoon leaning against the glass wall, with the back facing up.

Decorate as you wish, with additional whipped cream and/or a dusting of cinnamon powder and serve immediately.

Final note: feel free to use plenty of spices according to the spirits you have chosen, so let’s make it with anise if you have used Sambuca, clove for rum, a touch of cocoa and so on…

Irish Coffee food dessert pairings

Let’s find strong flavored and rich dessert for this mighty cocktail, like Tiramisù, blueberry cheesecake, ricotta pudding, bonet, chestnut flour crepes with ricotta and chocolate.

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