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DharMag January 2016 How to make the perfect Godfather cocktail: the original recipe

Godfather cocktail drink recipe ingredients, cocktail with whiskey and amaretto The Godfather is a simple, minimalist cocktail: everyone can prepare a good Godfather without any experience: just put 2 parts of whisky and two of amaretto liqueur in a glass filled with ice, sit in a comfortable armchair and sip. That’s all…

The main ingredient is amaretto, a fantastic liquor perfect to soften the strong flavor of whiskey and add an aromatic touch that remembers the almonds to your cocktails.

Drunk alone is good but not great, it’s too self-referential, but if used to enhance spirits like whiskey or cognac will show all its elegance.

There is no reliable information about the Godfather cocktail, except that it is part of the triad of the gangster cocktails made with Amaretto: French Connection, which requires Cognac instead of whiskey and Godmother, made with vodka.

Its enveloping and spicy flavor is ideal as an after-dinner drink, a classic meditation cocktail, to be sipped slowly. Pay attention to its high alcohol content, not to be taken lightly.

Godfather cocktail ingredients

  • 3.5 cl of whisky
  • 3.5 cl of amaretto liqueur

How to make the Godfather cocktail

Godfather cocktail recipe with ice ball, best whiskey cocktail recipes, amaretto Put some ice in old fashioned glass, pour whiskey and amaretto and stir gently. Close your eyes and kiss the glass.

It’s good even without ice.

Godfather cocktail food pairings

It’s great alone but excels with pastries, cheesecake, and cookies: tiramisu with walnuts and salted caramel, trifle, baklava, chocolate tarts, galaktoboureko.

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