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DharMag January 2016 Heidi: a new cocktail recipe made with pink wine, gin, apple juice, absinthe and marjoram

Heidi cocktail, new pink cocktail recipe with gin pink Champagne wine absinthe The cocktail we are going to serve you today is a delicate symphony of fruity scents, a classic sparkling drink, simple and immediate, not very alcoholic, perfect as an aperitif, just to whet your appetite and spread joy and abandon like there’s no tomorrow.

We called it Heidi cocktail, because it’s delicate, a nice thin glass, looking sunny and innocent, just like the sweet maiden who lived in the mountains.

But beware, our dear Heidi looks angelic, but she is an Iron Lady, in fact, the recipe of this cocktail is not so light on alcohol: requires a pink wine as base, a drop of gin, apple juice and cranberry and we end up with a few drops of absinthe. If you want to try a sprig of marjoram, it gives a lot of aromatic appeal to the cocktail.

Apple juice, drink recipes with fresh apple juice, Heidi cocktail, sparkling The result is an excellent pre-dinner cocktails, we could put it in the same category of big ones like Mimosa, Kir Royal, Rossini and Bellini, so keep that recipe in mind if you have to plan a brunch, a swimming pool party or stylish fish dinners.

But enough talking, let’s go to the recipe of our new cocktail, welcome Heidi.

Ingredients and doses of the Cocktail Heidi

  • 5 cl of sparkling wine or pink Champagne
  • 0.5 cl gin
  • 1 cl of cranberry juice
  • 2 cl apple juice
  • 2 drops of absinthe
  • 1 sprig of marjoram

How to prepare the cocktail Heidi

Chill a glass with ice.

Uncorked a pink wine, Champagne or Spumante metodo classico (only the good stuff), with good structure and sip it.

Put two drops of absinthe in the glass and rinse the flute: slide them over the entire surface of the glass.

Pour apple and cranberry juices, add gin and fill with pink wine.

Put in a sprig of marjoram and decorate with fresh fruit.

Great Gin Cocktail you should try

If you like cocktails made with gin you could make also: Gin Tonic, Black Mamba Kiss, Paradise, Tom Collins, Bramble, cocktail Pino, Negroni, Gin Fizz, French 75, Vesper Martini, Tuxedo, Dry Martini.

Suggested food pairing for the cocktail Heidi?

This drink is awesome with fish and white meats dishes, but try it with spicy food and Chinese rice noodles too. Recommended recipes: tuna tataki with sesame, pasta with shrimp and asparagus, linguine with pesto and squid, salmon in teriyaki sauce, paella.

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