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DharMag January 2016 Daiquiri cocktail recipe: how to make the king of sours

Daiquiri drink original Caribbean recipe, cocktail whit white rum sugar and lime The Daiquiri is the quintessential Caribbean cocktail, one of the simplest drink to make, but also one that has a pure and genuine flavor: it’s a crystalline elixir, essential, of a Spartan beauty that has few rivals.

The Daiquiri drink recipe is very simple and is based on a few, precious ingredients: white rum, lime (or lemon) juice and a little bit of sugar: one of the most successful interpretations of the sour cocktail.

History of the Daiquiri drink

It is difficult to determine when it was born as the real Daiquiri cocktail itself because since man learned how to distill rum from sugar cane, a cocktail made with it has been drunken.

Daiquiri cocktail recipe, best Cuba cocktail recipes, sour cocktails The British sailors in 1700 had borrowed the recipe of the Daiquiri to combat scurvy, producing a grog, strong and rich in vitamin C, to drink during the long journeys across the oceans. Most likely after the Cuban revolution, the Daiquiri (which is the name of a famous Cuban beach) left the sands of Cuba to reach the stylish cocktail bars in New York, where it’s sober but elegant, the flavor made it an instant classic.

As always to make the ultimate sour cocktail apply the usual two rules: use perfectly ripe citrus and respect the doses for a good balance of the drink.

Ingredients and doses of the Daiquiri drink

  • 4.5 cl of rum
  • 2 cl lime juice or lemon
  • 0.5 cl of sugar syrup

How to make the original Daiquiri cocktail

Squeeze the juice of a lime and strain it.

Put three cubes in a Martini cup and when it’s chill throw away the ice.

Put the ice in a shaker, pour rum, lime juice, and sugar syrup.

Shake for 12 seconds and pour into the cup, filtering. If you want, garnish with a slice of lime.

And here is the original Daiquiri drink recipe, you can start dreaming.

Daiquiri food pairings

Spicy food like chicken curry, fish and chips, every dish with shrimps and seafood and of course with a real Spanish paella.

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