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DharMag January 2016 Bloody Mary cocktail: the original recipe with ingredients of a great drink

Bloody Mary cocktail recipe, cocktail with tomato juice vodka lemon Tabasco The Bloody Mary is one of the most iconic cocktail ever made, its fiery red color is unique, as the spicy and warm flavor: velvety, but with a spicy aftertaste that makes it the perfect drink for hot summer afternoons as for the cold winter evenings.

History of the Bloody Mary drink

The Bloody Mary was born in 1920, in Paris, at the Harris Bar, from the fertile imagination of Ferdinand Petiot, and was immediately dedicated, with a stroke of genius, to Mary Stuart of Scotland, called Bloody Mary because of her bloodthirsty appetite.

The first, spartan, original Bloody Mary cocktail consisted only in a simple beverage of vodka and tomato, over the years the drink has evolved becoming one of the most iconic cocktails in the world. But no more talk, let’ go the perfect Bloody Mary recipe.

Bloody Mary cocktail ingredients

  • 45 ml of vodka
  • 90 ml of tomato juice
  • half of a lemon juice
  • a few drops of Worcestershire sauce and Tabasco
  • salt and pepper

How to prepare the perfect Bloody Mary

Squeeze the lemon and strain the juice.

In a highball glass, prepare the base of the cocktail with the Worcestershire sauce, tomato juice and lemon, season with salt and pepper and mix with a spoon.

Add 5-6 ice cubes, pour vodka and a few drops of Tabasco, mix gently and serve your delicious cocktail.

If you want to serve a more elegant Bloody Mary, use a mixing glass and the filter with the strainer.

Once, and do not think that happened a long time, we could say during the first half of the twenty century, the Bloody Mary was drunk as a classic hangover remedy because it was believed it had (miraculous) restorative virtues.

Nowadays you can drink the Bloody Mary as not so light aperitif during the afternoon-evening, perfect to store a lot of energy, before moving to the Mojito.

Bloody Mary drink recipe ingredients doses, tomato and vodka cocktail Given the baroque nature of cocktail eat and drink, it lends itself to extreme decorations: from classic celery, you can dare with some appetizers presented directly in the glass: cheese, quail eggs, cucumber slices, red onions rings, and capers. Some fresh oregano sprinkled over the top is amazing too. Just remember that it’s not a salad!

Suggested Bloody Mary food pairings

The Bloody is a strong cocktail with a fresh taste dominated by the tomato, do not be afraid and pair red meats like grilled flank steak, lamb kebabs, veal chop with pepper sauce or a juicy hamburger with Gorgonzola and walnuts. But it’s also amazing with a big fat roast beef: it acts both as a sauce and drink.

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