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January 2014

DharMag January 2014 Super Bowl party food galore!

Super Bowl XLVIII 2014 foorballs from Wilson. Wine, food and cocktail recipes Super Bowl footballs, courtesy of Wilson The 2014 Super Bowl is almost here and it’s going to be played in New Jersey, at Metlife stadium. The weather is going to be ugly and the battle ferocious. The Denver Broncos’ offense, led by the unbreakable Peyton Manning, who has set a new record for passing yards and touchdowns, against the steady defense of the Seattle Seahawks, led by the controversial Richard Sherman.

Everything an American football fan can ask for is here: the NFL’s best defense against the best offense in the regular season. Peyton, the cold and calculating pocket quarterback prototype against the fledgling Russell Wilson, a rising star with a bionic arm, always ready to take flight for some spectacular runs.

Quinoa nachos and beans, olive, tuna, mais tortilla chips with melted cheese Nachos are great, but... Hey, wait a minute. But why are we talking about football here on Wine Dharma? Very simple, the Super Bowl is the most important sports in the United States of America, a big party, a super afternoon, a mix of joy and trepidation, and we want to offer you a series of wine tips and cocktail & food recipes for an unforgettable Super Bowl Party.

The old cliché tells us that it is the defense to win championships and not the offense. Will the old Peyton be able to take home a second ring? Do not underestimate the Broncos’ defense and even its kicker, Matt Prater, who this year has proved to be a cold blooded sniper.

Prediction: Denver Broncos 20 , Seattle Seahawks 17.

Let’s start our Super Bowl party with a rundown of cocktails in collaboration with Villa Zarri distillery and two internationally renowned barmen: Giancarlo Mancino of the Million (Hong Kong) and Musichini Agostino from Rome, Hotel de Russie.

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