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DharMag February 2017 Nikka Coffey malt whisky: review, tasting notes, price and characteristics of a great Japanese spirit

Nikka Coffey malt whisky review, tasting notes, price and characteristics The Nikka Coffey malt whisky is a spirit of rare elegance that knows how to first seduce your nose with sumptuous spicy and honeyed aromas and then the palate with a soft and round flavor.

Nikka distillery is an historic Japanese brand, one of the first and this whiskey in particular is the quintessential of Japanese whiskey: the keyword is finesse.

You won’t’ find not even a distant memory of peat or smokiness and the spices too are sweet, mild, softened by notes of yellow flowers like broom and hints of honey and exotic fruits. Traces of coffee are the smokiest aromas you’ll find in this Japanese whisky.

If you are looking for a peaty and stormy whiskey, like one of the 8 mythical from Islay, we are light years away, but it is undeniable that this Nikka Coffey malt whisky is a very elegant product with plenty of aromatic deepness.

Nikka Coffey malt whisky’s bouquet

Glass of Japanese Nikka whiskey, the best Japanese whiskies tasting notes The nose is gorgeous, velvety, rich, but never smug or redundant.

Honey, flowers, a hint of rosemary, alpine herbs that sneak into a ripe, yellow, exotic fruit, mottled by traces of vanilla and cardamom. Undertone of coffee and chocolate.

Nikka Coffey malt whisky’ flavor

On the taste is warm, slightly peppery and has and incredible roundness that invites you to sip and sip again. The structure is not impressive, it has medium body indeed, but the flavor is well defined and keeps the drink always tense and enjoyable.

Summarizing: perhaps slightly stylized in an intriguing picture, we could say that is a little bit biased towards sweet spices, but undoubtedly fascinating.

The Coffey is simply the continuous still, patented by Aeneas Coffey in 1831.

Nikka Coffey malt whisky’s price

Nikka Coffey mal whisky bottle, tasting notes, best Japanese whiskies 60-64 euro is not cheap, but is an acceptable price.

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