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DharMag February 2017 How to make the real Pirlo cocktail: Brescia's version of the Spritz

Pirlo cocktail recipe, Brescia's version of the Spritz, best Italian cocktails The Pirlo is the classic aperitivo drunk in all Brescia wine bars and pubs. The recipe is very simple: still white wine, Campari (or Aperol, but for many this it’s pure heresy!) and then soda, the whole thing is then garnished with orange slices.

Fresh, intriguing, strengthen by the bitter caress of Campari: it’s the aperitif par excellence with an amazing balance between sweetness and bitterness.

Who invented the Pirlo drink?

Pirlo drink recipe, Brescia's Pirlo cocktail recipe, Campari wine and soda It looks like the Venetian Spritz made with prosecco wine, we could say that they are kind of cousin, but let’s keep calling it Pirlo. It’s part of our tradition and it comes from the habit of drinking vermouth and bitters as an aperitif with sparkling water.

Pirlo’s cocktail ingredients

  • half a glass of white wine (6 cl)
  • a splash of sparkling water
  • 3 cl of Campari
  • orange slices

How to make the real Pirlo cocktail

Fill a large goblet with ice then pour some white wine.

Add a splash of Campari and finish filling with soda.

Cut a few slices of orange as garnishing.

Glass of Prilo cocktail, the best Italian aperitifs, how to make Pirlo cocktail If you want to prepare the white Pirlo, instead of Campari use good dry vermouth and a dash of Bianco Sarti.

Pirlo food pairings

Pirlo food pairing, sweet and sour seitan recipe for sparkling cocktails It’s excellent when served with tuna sandwiches, rolls with sausage and bacon, croutons, the classic bread, and salami, but also shrimp skewers with paprika, sweet and sour seitan, Cantonese rice.

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