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DharMag February 2017 All you need to know about whiskey

Glass of whiskey, the best whiskeys, whiskey tasting notes and prices After devoting the start of the year to the gin, we move on to whiskey next, the king of distillate that delight our palates from centuries.

The famous Celtic spirit called uisge beatha, born in Ireland from the encounter between the stills of the early Christian monks and two of the most pure products of those lands: crystalline water sources and cereals, especially barley.

Since then, the world of whiskey has made great strides, “he” emigrated first in Scotland and then in the United States and has no intention of stopping any time soon. And today is a colorful kaleidoscope full of new styles and products.

The range of whiskey available is endless and covers (almost) all of the globe.

Whiskey glass on notes, fine Scottish whiskey reviewed which are the best Scotch Scotch, Irish, Japanese, American with the triad of Kentucky bourbon, rye and Tennessee whiskey. Do not forget the Canadian whiskey too.

Kyoto in 1923 opened its first whiskey distillery and since then has been a constant hive of bottles.

Lately Vietnam has produced some good whiskey and right now Australia and New Zealand are making some noise with plenty of egregious whiskey bottles.

But the reason is very simple.

To produce fine whiskeys, single malts crafted with unique characteristics, you’ll need unique conditions, similar to those found in Scotland.

Coasts, pure water sources and top notch cereals.

All the producing process should handled by a producer who has the right sensitivity for interpreting (and determining) the basic ingredients, of course.

Whiskey with ice ball, all you need to know about whiskeys, tastings In summary we can say that there is a concept of terroir also in whiskey, and this month we will take by hand you to discover the best bottles with tastings, cocktails, recipes and tips.

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