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DharMag February 2016 Spritz: the original recipe of the most iconic, Italian cocktail

Aperol Spritz drink recipe, cocktail with wine sparkling water Aperol bitter If you landed on this page, probably you would like to make the real, original Spritz cocktail. Sure, we are here to help you, but we want to start saying than an original Spritz recipe, made in Veneto, doesn’t exist!

Of course the IBA has codified the most appropriate (according to their thinking) recipe, calling it Venetian Spritz, but this is another matter.

Generalizing we can say that the Spritz is a cocktail made with white wine, soda water and bitter, then you can garnish with a slice of orange or lemon peel.

Ok, but who invented the Spritz?

During the 19 century, in the Venetian territories under the kingdom of the Austro Hungarian Empire, the Austrians used to add some seltzer water to the wine, since they were not used to such intense beverages. With sparkling water the wine became much better and so was born the Spritz, from the German word spritzen that means spraying or sprinkling or whatever…

With the passing of time the Spritz recipe changed and was subject to many influences and today if enter in a (Veneto) bar and order a Spritz you’ll get a glass with sparkling water and… and here it opens up a world.

If you are in Treviso you will find a Spritz made with Prosecco and Aperol or Camapri red with an orange slice or an olive, but even if leave for Venice the wine is firm and they usually Select or even Cynar as bitter.

In Udine is a must to make Spritz with (Tocai) Friulano, Aperol or Campari and to decorate it with a lemon peel, while in Trieste they like it the old way, and is still in use an Austro-Hungarian Spritz: wine and sparkling water.

The most beautiful, so to speak, is the above mentioned, official IBA recipe, called Venetian Spritz, made with Aperol, when the original Venetian recipe is the only one to see very rarely the Aperol… anyway we don’t want to make such a big deal out of this.

It is interesting to see how the world changes, without actually changing anything. Since booze for old people or just mercenaries returning from a patrol, now the Spritz is the young and cool cocktail par excellence, a easy going all day cocktail good for everyone. Not to mention that if you have at hand a not so great bottle of wine, you can easily just turn it into Spritz and here’s the magic!

Today we will give you a good for every day recipe, not specifying any bitter, let’s practice a bit and find what you like best. Remember that, as a rule, the more the wine is good and the less bitter you need.

Ingredients of the Italian Spritz cocktail

  • 6 cl white wine
  • 3 cl of bitters
  • dash of soda water
  • orange slice

How to prepare the perfect Spritz drink

Put some ice in a tumbler. Pour the wine, add the bitter and fill with some sparkling water. Decorate with an orange slice and serve.

Spritz food pairings

Spritz is the ultimate aperitif and the perfect brunch drink: you can pair it with a host of finger food and “cicchetti”, but it excels particularly with fish, white meats, poultry and spicy foods. Avoid at any cost red meat. Recommended dishes: flat bread stuffed with salmon and mozzarella, chicken enchiladas, hot dogs stuffed with cheddar and jalapenos, mixed paella, spicy chicken wings.

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