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February 2013

DharMag February 2013 Visiting wineries in Trentino Alto Adige has never been so fun!

Tourist information about Trentino Alto Adige. Plan your wine trip in Trentino! Dolomites Trentino Alto Adige is one of the most exciting destinations for wine enthusiasts, a land with two very different souls, in some ways contradictory, but where wine is considered sacred, no matter if the winemaker speak Italian or German, the passion is still the same.

Quantify the beauty of a land so full of wonders is impossible, but we will do our best to describe this territory, giving an account of our last wine wandering, with tips and insights on wineries, restaurants and itineraries off the beaten path, so that you can plan your wine tour in Trentino Alto Adige. Do you want a fast & furious week with five winery visits a day or do prefer to take it easy and switch some grappa tastings to trekking, walking between lakes, cheese producers and castles scattered among the Dolomites?

Why Trentino Alto Adige is terrific for a wine holiday

First of all, Trentino & South Tyrol are ideal for travelling: the A22 Brennero motorway runs from south to north, touching all the points of interest of the region. The wine roads run parallel to the highway and to reach the cellars you just have to go out the highway, make a few kilometers and you will find yourself surrounded by the vineyards.

Guide to the wines and native grapes of Trentino Alto Adige. Nosiola grape. Nosiola grapes, the same used for Vino Santo The number of good winery is impressive and you will find top notch native grapes that grow only here: Teroldego, Marzemino, Nosiola, Müller Thurgau, Lagrein and Gewurztraminer. And even when they are not native, they are grown in so special climates and soils and with such mastery that they become typical and assume special features, unique fragrances. Think for a moment about Trento DOC: Chardonnay and Pinot Noir were not born in Trentino, nevertheless Trentino sparkling wines are quite rightly considered among the best spumanti in Italy. Yes it’s all about the terroir: man’s intuition plus soil’s peculiarity.

Another reason that will push you in Trentino Alto Adige is the variety, the uniqueness of this land. Every valley contains little treasures, has its own microclimate, soils and different shades that result in a handicraft production of Slow Food cheeses and cold cuts and in a myriad of landscapes and cultures. Despite being a small region, Trentino-Alto Adige is immense for a scrupulous foodie, and is likely you will come back to visit it on several occasions. Not only ancient castles and knödel (dumplings), but also contemporary art, with the Mart in Rovereto, which has a rich selection of restaurants offering an original reinterpretation of the classic Alpine cuisine, such as Trivio of chef Francesco Pace.

Wine tours and vacations in Trentino Alto Adige. Where to sleep, eat and buy. You will not only find delicious wines in Trentino Alto Adige, but peace too And then there are the Dolomites, framing the landscape: they will accompany you throughout all the trip. These cliffs are the secret of this El Dorado of the wine. All the Adige valley is surrounded by the mountains, which protect from the freezing wind of the north, creating an great habitat for the cultivation of the vine. The main ingredient of the success of wines of Trentino Alto Adige is the extraordinary complexity of the soils, of these mountains.

The food is not far behind and you will find the same strong, earthy, delicious flavors. Mushrooms, game such as deer and wild boar, mountain cheeses, smoked sausages, carne salada (salted meat), Speck. The honey too speaks the language of the mountains, just visit the beekeepers near Monte Bondone or those of the Lavarone plateau and your palate will discover new sensations.

Trentino wine region detail page. Examples of the wines made in Trentino. The vineyards of Gino Pedrotti are close to the Cavedine Lake and the mountains too By the way, did you know that Trentino Alto Adige is one of the most northerly regions in which is produces extra virgin olive oil? The climatic conditions created by the Lake Garda allow a very limited, but precious, production: pure liquid gold.

We want to conclude noting that is strongly increasing the number of winegrower who have converted to organic and biodynamic farming, to be able to give back wines that are as pure as possible. It’s all, if you want some advises on Trento DOC, Valley of Lakes, Teroldego, Vallagarina, Cembra Valley and its Muller Thurgau you can find some articles attached to this Dharmag. With regard to South Tyrol, see you next month!

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